Understand Certificate of Incorporation in Dallas

When starting a business, it’s essential to have a legal document known as a Certificate of Incorporation. This document is used to formally form a business, providing information like the company’s name, purpose, office address, and the number of authorized shares. If you are considering forming a business entity in Dallas, Texas, understanding the Certificate of Incorporation is essential. Strict rules and regulations must be followed to stay compliant with state and local laws, so seeking the help of experienced attorneys is highly recommended.

Regardless of the structure you choose - Limited liability company (LLC), partnership (general, limited, or limited liability), or corporation (C corp or S corp) - you must obtain a Certificate of Incorporation from the state of Texas. It is important to note that if the name of your business has been taken by another company, you will need to come up with an alternate name. Any name you choose must be distinguishable from other companies and not the same as another registered entity in the Dallas area.

In addition to the company’s name, the Certificate of Incorporation also requires outlining the purpose of your business. The Texas Secretary of State requires a statement of purpose, which should include the specifics of your planned business activities. For example, you may consider listing a broad scope of activities such as insurance, investments, and banking if you are the principal member of a professional corporation.

Office addresses, or primary locations, must also be included. For LLCs, the statutory agent must be identified as well. Finally, the Certificate of Incorporation should provide the number of authorized shares and the total considerations being taken in by members of the LLC. Each LLC is different, and adhering to specific Texas guidelines is required to remain in compliance with the law.

A Certificate of Incorporation is essential to establishing a business in Dallas, and to remain compliant with both state and local laws, it is best to work with experienced attorneys who understand the process and the procedures required. At UpCounsel, we have access to a network of experienced lawyers with an average of 14 years of experience. Our online attorneys display client ratings and reviews of their recent work. We could provide you with either a one-time consultation with an experienced lawyer or an entire freelance legal department, so you can get the support you need with legal paperwork and navigating local regulations.


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