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Reconveyance is a process of restoring property title in the name of the original owner after a foreclosure or other legal proceedings. The process includes creating the deed, filing it with the county recorder, and issuing a release of the mortgage to the title and property of the original owner.

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What is Reconveyance?

Reconveyance is the legal process of returning property from one owner to another following the completion of a loan or where the ownership of the property title is transferred through foreclosure or other similar proceedings.

When a loan is paid off, the lien on the title remains. The lienholder—usually a lender or financial institution—must legally issue a reconveyance deed in order to signify that the obligation has been satisfied and the title is now restored to the rightful owner.

How Does Reconveyance Work?

The reconveyance process typically follows certain steps:

1. The title deed is created according to the conditions of the loan. The deed must be sufficient to satisfy all legal requirements and regulations in the relevant jurisdiction.

2. This deed is then filed with the county recorder or other applicable parties.

3. The mortgage is released from the title of the property.

4. The original owner can now take possession of the property title.

The complexity of the process can vary depending on the state or local regulations, which is why it’s important to partner with an experienced reconveyance attorney who understands the details and nuances of local law.

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