Falin Mckenzie

Falin Mckenzie

Attorney at Law

Licensed in
Willamette University College of Law
I am blessed with 4 living grandparents. They are healthy and independent and keep me on my toes. Their influence in my life has led me to a practice that handles all things that affect the aging population.
I have an MBA and 10 years of experience in Corporate America, in addition to my JD. I have leveraged this experience and education in to a practice that addresses the whole person.
I provide comprehensive estate plans which may include a trust or will based plan, complete with powers of attorney and healthcare documents.
I also provide comprehensive tax advice. This includes dealing with them, filing for them and planning for them.
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Work History

Gersh Law Office

Associate Attorney

Jun 2016 - Present

• Conduct initial consultation meetings with new and potential clients
• Prepare estate planning documents such as revocable and irrevocable trusts, charity lead trusts, wills, health care and property POA’s
• Administer Trusts at Trustor’s death
• Provide tax planning advice
Negotiate Tax debt with IRS and Department of Revenue

Jun 2016 - Present

falin mckenzie attorney at law


Jun 2015 - Present

Prepare back tax returns
Negotiate IRS and Department of Revenue tax debt and penalties
Provide advice regarding debt solutions and bankruptcy
Business formation

Jun 2015 - Present

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