Operating a business in Chicago requires knowledge of many legal principles and statutes. One of those principles is the affidavit, which is a sworn statement for use in many types of proceedings.

An affidavit is an official document in which an ‘affiant’ or witness swears to the truthfulness of the contents of the document. The document is accepted as evidence in court and other legal proceedings. If, while under oath, the affiant signs and attests to something they later do not stand behind in court, they may face potential criminal charges.

Relying on affidavits to provide evidence in court offers many advantages. The primary benefit is that the person outside the court does not need to come in to testify in person, making the process more efficient and convenient. Another advantage is that affidavits can be used in many different legal proceedings, including civil and criminal proceedings, family law, probate, and small claims cases. Without an affidavit, individuals outside the court setting may need to testify in court which can be inconvenient, intimidating, and costly.

However, answering questions stated in an affidavit may be difficult for a witness, even with the help of a lawyer to counsel and advise them. Abiding by the rules of evidence and responding to questions truthfully but carefully can be difficult to navigate.

Business owners in Chicago must be familiar with affidavits and when they need to be used. They should also be aware of the possibility of action against them if they submit false information. Therefore, they should seek counsel from experienced lawyers when and if necessary.

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