When it comes to finding a rental property in Los Angeles, it is imperative that tenants understand their rights when it comes to filling out an application. While LA-based landlords tend to have similar requirements on rental applications, a tenant’s knowledge of local and state rental regulations can help ensure that they are protected throughout the process. Understanding the top five things to consider when filling out a rental application in Los Angeles is the best way to ensure a tenant’s rights are protected.

The first thing to consider when filling out a rental application in Los Angeles is the tenant’s right to privacy. California law states that all information collected about the tenant must be kept confidential, and landlords are prohibited from sharing any information collected during the rental application process. California law also protects tenants from discrimination of any kind, including race, religion, sex, and disability. It is important for tenants to remember that their landlord should never collect personal information beyond what is necessary for processing the rental application.

Another important consideration when filling out a rental application in Los Angeles is the amount of money due at signing. California law establishes certain limits as to the amount of money due upon signing a lease. For instance, an individual tenant can be asked to pay up to two months’ worth of rent at signup, but this amount is reduced to one month for joint or multiple tenants. Additionally, any deposit or fee beyond two months’ rent must be pre-approved by the California Department of Housing and Community Development.

Tenants should also consider the terms of the lease when filling out a rental application in Los Angeles, as this is the contract between landlord and tenant. California law outlines certain protections for tenants, such as the ability to terminate the lease early in certain circumstances, as well as the right to sublet. Additionally, tenants should be aware that the landlord cannot restrict a tenant’s right to exercise their legal and constitutional rights, such as the right to vote, join a union, or participate in public boycotts or demonstrations. Tenants should read the entire lease before signing, and even consult an attorney if needed, to ensure they understand their rights.

When filling out a rental application, tenants should also be aware of their right to repair defective conditions. California tenants have the right to repair defective conditions and deduct the repair costs from the rent and hold the landlord responsible for any damage caused by a defective condition. Tenants should make sure to inspect the property upon move in, and also keep a record of any repairs that must be made throughout the duration of the lease.

Finally, it is important to consider security deposits when filling out a rental application in Los Angeles. California law stipulates that a landlord can only require a maximum security deposit equal to two month’s rent. This deposit must be fully refunded within 21 days of the tenant vacating the property. Tenants should also make sure to receive a written account of all damage that must be fixed upon move-out when accepting the security deposit.

Knowing these five things is essential for any tenant looking to rent in Los Angeles. Taking the time to understand local and state rental laws ensures that tenants can make sure their rights are protected . To ensure that your rights stay in tact, work with an experienced Los Angeles business attorney to guide you through the process.


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