When entering into an agreement for the repayment of a loan in Los Angeles, a borrower might find themselves presented with the option of making payments on the loan with a balloon payment. Put simply, a balloon payment requires a borrower to make a large final payment at the conclusion of their loan, with the majority of the loan’s repayment happening ahead of the balloon payment. The specifics of how balloon payments are structured will vary from lender to lender, of course, which is why it is important for any business dealing with balloon payments to keep these five key factors in mind.

1. Understand Your State’s Laws Regarding Balloon Payments

Every state has unique laws when it comes to the legality of balloon payments. In the case of Los Angeles, such payments tend to be permissible by law, though there are always specific requirements and conditions that must be adhered to in order to satisfy the legal requirements of the state. For instance, under California law, any contract with a balloon payment must be seen as a legal, enforceable agreement with a maturity date for repayment, and must be free from any usury or other hidden fees.

2. Clarify the Terms of the repayment

When dealing with balloon payments, it is critical to establish a clear understanding of the terms of repayment. This means establishing how often payments must be made, when the balloon payment is due, and the total amount of all payments that must be made. When finalized, these terms should be written out as a contractual agreement, and should describe in detail the conditions of the loan’s repayment.

3. Consider Your Available Financing Options

Balloon payments are rarely the only option when it comes to repaying a loan. As such, any business should consider looking into a variety of other options, such as term loans, business lines of credit, or even asset financing. Making use of such options might lend itself to requiring less risk, as well as providing a more attainable repayment schedule for a borrower.

4. Calculate Your Risk and Business Forecasts

Given the fact that balloon payments come with some unique risks to a borrower, it is important to consider these risks as well as any business forecasts that might impact a borrower’s ability to make their payments. This can include market fluctuations, changes in commodity prices, and other events that can lead to increased costs and decreased profits. Careful examination and analysis of such risks prior to making a commitment to a balloon payment should be undertaken to fully understand their implications.

5. Turn to Experienced Business Counsel for Advice

Regardless of the level of understanding and insight a business has into their own industry and market, it is always wise to solicit the advice of a qualified and experienced business attorney. An attorney can quickly assess the details of any given balloon payment agreement or contract, and can provide in-depth analysis of the potential benefits and risks associated with the proposed repayment plan.

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When dealing with balloon payments, businesses should make sure to keep these top five factors in mind. By taking the time to research and analyze the specifics of a balloon payment before committing to the agreement, a business can rest assured knowing that their loan repayment plan is in line with their best interests, as well as being in adherence with the regulations and laws that governing balloon payments in Los Angeles. With the help of experienced legal counsel from UpCounsel, businesses in Los Angeles can have confidence knowing that their agreement is in the best possible shape for them.


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