The potential for unfortunate outcomes in a civil dispute can be greatly reduced by engaging in alternative dispute resolution. Through arbitration or mediation, it's possible to solve conflicts with much more efficiency and privacy relative to a courtroom. But it's essential to select an experienced and qualified arbitrator in order for the best possible outcomes. With that said, let's examine the 5 key points to consider when selecting an arbitrator based in New York.


The simplest way to ensure one is getting an arbitrator with the appropriate expertise is to get referrals from experienced legal sources. Whether it’s from the local Bar Association, trusted colleagues, or an online legal platform like UpCounsel, be sure to select an arbitrator who is properly qualified in the particular area of conflict.

Familiarity With Local Law

Leading hand in hand with expertise, arbitration works best when the arbitrator is well-versed in the local legal system. Preferably, the arbitrator should be location-specific so that they can easily bring their knowledge of applicable laws and background of legal trends into the dispute. A familiarity with local law can be particularly helpful in a civil dispute regarding contractual enforcement, business-related issues, or real estate.


One key point to consider is the type of communication an arbitrator brings to the table. Opting for an effective communicator, who is both diplomatic and persuasive, is critical in order to ensure the resolution process is an all-around positive experience. Gentle persuasion is often more effective in binding two separate parties in agreement quicker than if an arbitrator takes a confrontational approach to the dispute.


Particularly in civil disputes where complete closure must be achieved, an arbitrator’s worthiness should also be judged on their level of honesty. After all, the details of the dispute must be mediated without any underlying personal bias or mistrust. This is why it’s essential that the arbitrator is consistent in their assessments; so that it’s clear that they’re achieving an unbiased and honest resolution for the two parties involved.


Finally, one of the most important qualities to look out for in an arbitrator is their speed. Every legal dispute is time-sensitive by nature, so it’s essential that the mediator is swift in responses to inquiries, decisive in their judgment, and also be available for rapid follow-up. Plus, the faster the two parties come to a suitable agreement, the faster the dispute can be closed and everyone can move on.

At the end of the day, it’s of utmost importance to find a suitable arbitrator who is ideally located in New York and has the right set of expertise and experience. This will guarantee that the dispute is resolved agilely and efficiently, with superior results.




Alternative Dispute Resolution