As a renter in Chicago, it is important to understand the rental application process in order to take the necessary steps to secure a property you desire. The process can be quite stressful and one misstep may disrupt the chance of receiving your lease. To alleviate some of the stress and get an understanding of the process, here are five things to consider when filling out a rental application form.

First, it's a good idea to research the landlord and the property. Finding out who owns the property or who is managing the landlord can help you determine if their policies align with yours. Additionally, look for reviews online or ask others who have rented from the landlord. Also, be sure to visit the property and judge it for yourself, such as checking out the place to make sure the amenities actually work.

Second, focus on providing accurate and full information. Many rental forms require full disclosure from your personal and professional past. It's important to provide truthful information, as any out-of-date information could weaken your application. Additionally, you should review the form multiple times for any errors.

Third, prepare for an interview. In some cases, landlords may conduct their own interview or bring in a third party to have an objective point of view. Be sure to be prepared to answer any questions related to the rental venture, prior rentals, lifestyle and employment.

Fourth, put your best foot forward by having all your financial paperwork together. Landlords typically require applicants to provide a copy of bank statements, pay stubs, tax forms and any documents that provide proof of income. Other documents required may include: credit reports, character reference letters, and rental history. Having these documents readily available, can show your seriousness in wanting to rent the dwelling.

Finally, be honest about the information you provide. Honesty throughout the rental process is crucial as it will show your willingness to follow the rules in the lease agreement. Additionally, when signing the lease, read it carefully and ask questions if something is unclear.

To sum up, these are the five main things to consider when completing a rental application form in Chicago. Be sure to research the landlord, provide accurate and full information, be prepared for an interview, provide all necessary financial paperwork, and be honest and upfront. Understanding the process beforehand can help improve your chances of securing your desired rental.


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