When it comes to protecting your brand, products, and services from infringement and illegal use, you want to consider registering a trademark in New York. A trademark is an intangible asset that protects your business from competitors and boosts customer loyalty. But before you register a trademark in New York, it’s important to go through the right steps and know the five key details.

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For you to understand more about trademark registration in New York, here are the five key points to consider:

1. Background Research

Of course the first step is to transfer the name of your company or product into a trademark and register it. But before you do so, you should make sure there are no similar trademarks already on the register. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has tools you can use to search for existing trademarks. This is done to avoid any potential problems with possible trademark infringement.

Your lawyer can also help you with the background research and make sure you are not using any words or designs of another company. They can also advice you on the most significant risks and potential obstacles that may arise due to existing trademarks.

2. Know What You Can Ever Register

It’s important to know what types products and services you can trademark. Certain products and services are more restrictive when it comes to their trademark description than others. For example, if your company is selling food products, you can’t register the “taste” of a product as a trademark. It’s because it should only describe the product without being descriptive of the product or service you are selling.

Your trademark lawyer can help you decide what type of product or service is best qualified for a trademark and which description works best.

3. Time and Money Considerations

Having a trademark will also cost money. It is important to budget time and money for your trademark registration, and ensure there are enough funds to protect it. U.S. trademark law is designed to protect your company’s reputation so any funds spent on the registration are a kind of investment.

It also usually takes six to eight months for your trademark application to be approved, so you will need to plan accordingly for that. Your trademark lawyer can help you decide what type of trademark is best for your business as well as its cost.

4. When to Renew Your Trademark

The duration of the trademark validity varies depending on your unique circumstances. It is important to set aside some funds for the renewal of your trademark regularly. This is done to keep your brand securely protected from any infringement.

Your trademark lawyer will advise you of the necessary requirements. This way you can set up a regular schedule to check for trademark expiry and plan to renew it before it expires. A trademark registration gives legal protection so it is important that is renewed from time to time.

5. When to Hire a Lawyer

You should begin the trademark process as soon as possible, and seek the help of a trademark lawyer for optimal protection. UpCounsel’s experienced attorneys will provide you with high quality legal services and enforcement of your trademark rights.

When appointing a trademark lawyer, make sure you address all of your concerns with them. They are the ones who will be guiding you through the entire process, so make sure all the details are well addressed.

Concluding remarks

Registering a trademark in New York is not a difficult process if you follow the relevant steps and consider the five key points outlined in this article. Background research, understanding the types of products and services you can register, time and money considerations, when to renew your trademark, and when to hire a lawyer are all important aspects of trademark registration. UpCounsel’s experienced attorneys are available to help you with all the necessary steps and processes to ensure you trademark is secured and protected against any infringements.



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