Starting a business in New York City is a daunting but rewarding experience. There’s an energy and excitement one feels when launching a company in “the city that never sleeps.” But, in addition to passion and enthusiasm, you’ll also need to make a number of important decisions early on in order to ensure the longevity and success of your venture. One of these decisions is choosing the right legal structure for your business.

The right legal structure for your business can help ensure that you get set up correctly from the start. It will also help you avoid any potential legal issues down the line and help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a business owner. In New York, many business owners choose to form a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

If you’re considering forming an LLC in New York, there are a few things you need to consider. Here, we’ll discuss five key points to keep in mind when making this important decision.

1. Tax Benefits

One of the primary benefits of forming an LLC in New York is the associated tax benefits. LLCs are pass-through entities, meaning that all of the income generated by the business passes directly to the owners and is taxed at the individual owner’s rate. Additionally, LLCs are not subject to the parallel tax structure as C-corporations, so business owners are able to avoid double taxation on their profits.

2. Limited Liability Protection

One of the main advantages of forming an LLC in New York is the protection that it offers business owners from personal liability. LLCs are legally separate from their owners and, as such, provide limited liability protection. This means that the personal assets of the business owners are generally protected from the risks associated with running a business, such as legal claims or financial obligations.

3. Compliance and Reporting Requirements

When forming an LLC in New York, business owners should be aware of the state’s compliance requirements and reporting requirements. As a business owner, it is important to understand the laws and regulations that are applicable to your business and to follow them accordingly. Additionally, business owners should also be aware of the various reporting requirements for LLCs in New York, as failure to comply with these could lead to potential legal repercussions.

4. Formation Costs

In addition to understanding the potential advantages of forming an LLC in New York, business owners should also be aware of the associated costs. There is typically a one-time fee for filing the formation paperwork with the state and an annual fee to maintain the LLC. Additionally, business owners may also need to engage the services of a lawyer to help them properly form their LLC and comply with the applicable laws and regulations.

5. Access to Legal Resources

Finally, when forming an LLC in New York, it is important to have access to experienced legal resources that will help you navigate the formation process and ensure that your business is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. Unfortunately, for businesses in Los Angeles, finding a lawyer who is also knowledgeable about New York law can be a challenge. Thankfully, there are service providers like UpCounsel who can offer you access to a network of experienced lawyers who can provide high quality legal services for a fraction of the cost of traditional firms.


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