Securing a photography contract that addresses all your needs as a freelancer, photographer, or artist can be tricky. In a large metropolitan city like Los Angeles, it is important to take into consideration certain key aspects when signing any photography contract. These five things to consider when creating a photography contract in Los Angeles will ensure a contract is not only legally binding, but that it also addresses all contractual items essential to doing successful and rewarding work.

First and foremost, a photography contract must be extremely specific when addressing who owns the photographs and the rights associated with them. Though this information may vary depending on the exact agreement in place, it is usually the photographer who will retain the copyrights to any photographs produced. The contract should also clarify the scope of the photographic needs, including specifically what the photographs will be used for, and if, for instance, they are intended for use on a particular website or in a print publication.

The second thing to consider in a photography contract is the delivery method of the images or photographs. Most contracts will delineate how photographer and client will exchange the originals for visual pieces or photographs. Will the photographer deliver digital files? Printed material? Both? This is a must-have for any photography contract.

Next, it is important to clarify payment terms and conditions. A well-drafted agreement should explain in detail payment deadlines, methods, policies, and the consequences should those terms and conditions not be met. Payment disputes are common in freelancing work, so a good photography contract should also address how the photographer and client will work toward quickly resolving any payment disputes.

The fourth thing to consider in a photography contract is about the duration of the project. Photographers should specify the timeframes for production, as well as the start and end of the project. The contract should also stipulate the duration of the agreed payment terms, such as when payments can be expected and when they must be received. For instance, does the client have 7 days, 10 days, or 14 days to make the payment? The timeframes in the contract should also cover the availability of the client to review proofs.

Finally, all photography agreements should include sections on termination and representation of the photography service. In order to protect the photographer’s work and to ensure that the photographer is properly compensated, the agreement should explicitly and clearly state how the contract will be terminated from either side.

When doing any type of freelance work in Los Angeles, or anywhere else for that matter, it is important to create an airtight contract that is legally binding and covers all aspects of the project. These 5 things to consider when creating a photography contract are important to secure for any and all freelance photography jobs.


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