1. About Registered Agents in Wyoming
2. The Importance of a Registered Agent
3. What Does a Registered Agent Do?

A Wyoming registered agent is a person or company who conducts activities on behalf of a business, including accepting legal mail and other important notices.

About Registered Agents in Wyoming

Having a registered agent is important for a business since this is the person or company that is responsible for accepting legal mail on your company's behalf in the event that someone sues your LLC. Legal mail may be Service of Process items such as the following:

  • Summons
  • Complaints
  • Subpoenas

Documents delivered to a registered agent are typically hand-delivered and arrive at the provided physical address. Documents may also be time-sensitive (i.e., giving you a limited amount of time to respond to a lawsuit notice) or require a signature upon delivery. To ensure that important documents are received and forwarded in a timely manner, your registered agent needs to keep normal business hours.

When you form a corporation or start an LLC in Wyoming, you're legally obligated to have a registered agent in the state. Any legal documents and other important mail will go to a registered office that's physically located in Wyoming.

Your registered office address can't be a virtual office or P.O. Box address. You shouldn't use a residential home address, either. Having a registered agent is very important to maintain the good standing of your company. This person will be your business's main point of contact.

In many states, this person also acts as a general point of contact. He or she receives business and tax notices, reminders for filing annual reports, and other documents. The Secretary of State delivers most correspondence by email these days, however.

Your registered agent should be available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (or typical business hours), in the event that a Service of Process or other document requiring a signature is delivered.

The Importance of a Registered Agent

Having a registered agent is a requirement in Wyoming, as dictated by the Secretary of State. Your agent will maintain current business contact details. The state requires a registered agent to keep current records of the managers' and members' names and addresses. The agent must also maintain detailed information about your company contact, or the authorized party who'll receive communications from the agent.

In Wyoming, you don't have to provide these details in your company's Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation, but your company's registered agent must be able to readily provide this information. Failure to do so can result in stiff penalties.

What Does a Registered Agent Do?

A registered agent performs the following functions for your business: 

  • Maintains the company contact information, including names and addresses of directors, officers, managers, and members
  • Receives important legal notices and mail on behalf of the business
  • Notifies you when he or she receives documents and then forwards them on to you
  • Notifies you of your annual report due date
  • Maintains the office address where your business is registered

How to Choose a Registered Agent

You can serve as your company's registered agent if you meet the following requirements: 

  • You have a physical street address in the state; this can be an office or home address. 
  • You're a state resident.
  • You're available during regular business hours.
  • You're 18 years old or older.

A friend or family member can be your registered agent if you don't have a physical address in the state. They'll have to agree to act as your registered agent, and they must meet the same guidelines as stated above.

If you don't maintain a physical address in the state and you don't have a friend or family member who has an address for you to use, you can always hire a commercial registered agent. Even if you meet the guidelines or have a family member or friend who does, you might still prefer to hire an agent. You give your chosen registered agent the legal right to accept very important legal paperwork and documents on behalf of your company. 

Knowing that Wyoming requires you have a registered agent for your business, choose wisely to ensure you run into no legal problems due to not receiving documents in a timely manner. You need a person or company that will be very responsible and dependable to help your business maintain its good standing in the state.

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