Performing a Wyoming LLC name search is an important step in forming your new company. This should be done as early in the process as possible to make sure you don't run into any issues when establishing your company with the state.

How to Search an LLC Name in Wyoming

Running a name search is an important part of the formation process. There may be other companies in the state considering using a similar name, so you'll want to make sure the name you intend to use isn't already in use or otherwise unavailable. Each business name in the state of Wyoming must be unique, so it's vital that you run this search early.

The Wyoming Secretary of State's website has a name search tool, which is useful for checking the availability of your intended company name or if you'd like to look up details of a specific company. This tool can also be useful for locating important sites used when submitting your annual reports, which is a requirement for all companies doing business in the state.

Follow these guidelines when performing your name search:

  • Run your search on a partial name to make sure you get results for anything that may be similar. This is important because you can't use a name that would be considered "confusingly similar" to the name of another business. If your intended name is "Natural Food Stores LLC," you may want to search for "Natural Food" to ensure there are no similar names, like "Natural Foods LLC," already in use.
  • Don't include designators like "LLC" or "L.L.C." in your search.
  • Don't include any punctuation in your search.
  • Wyoming's database is case-insensitive, so it doesn't matter if you use lower-case or upper-case letters.
  • To make sure you get results for every potentially similar name, always select the "Contains" option when running a search.

How to Interpret Search Results

 If the results of your search don't show any names that are apparently similar to your intended name, it's a good bet your name is available. However, it is still possible that the state may reject your company name. According to Section 17-29-108 of Wyoming's Code, your company name must be easily distinguishable from all other names in the Secretary of State's database. Business names must not be "deceptively similar" to any name already in the database.

"NO RESULTS FOUND" generally means you have selected an entirely unique name, and it should be safe to proceed with the rest of the formation process. However, if the exact name you intend to use appears in your search results, this means another company has already claimed the name, and it is not available.

If a name that can reasonably be considered "deceptively similar" appears in your search results, your name will most likely be rejected by the state. If you're not careful when filing your Limited Liability Company online and the company name is rejected, you will lose your $100 filing fee. If you need help running a search to make sure your intended name will be approved, consider contacting the Wyoming Secretary of State for assistance.

Each name proposal filed with the state is evaluated by an LLC examiner. This person will look at the "core" of your intended name and compare it to the names already on file. These examiners will not consider any of the following when comparing your intended business name to those already in the state database: 

  • Designators
  • Singular
  • Plurals 
  • Possessives
  • Spacing
  • Punctuation
  • Special characters

Active vs Inactive

 When running a name search, you'll see business names marked as "Active" and "Inactive." There are two sub-categories under "Inactive:"

  • Administratively dissolved  
  • Revoked

As long as a name has been marked as "Inactive" for at least two years, it is ok for you to use it. To see how long a name has been inactive, click on the company record, and you'll see the information you need toward the top of the following page.

Wyoming LLC Name Requirements & Restrictions

It's important to understand a few restrictions Wyoming places on LLC names before filing with the state:

  • Your name should not sound like a corporation's name.
  • The end of your company name must include a designator, such as "LLC."
  • A comma can be included in front of the designator but is not required.
  • Your name must not be "confusingly similar" to other names in the state's database.
  • Some words require special approval from the state.

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