1. What Is a WIPO Patent Search?
3. What Is a WIPO Patent?
4. Google Patent Search Expands to China, Germany, Canada, and WIPO
5. New Patent Search Capability For Chemical Compounds in Progress at WIPO

A World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) patent search is conducted in the WIPO database. Under regular circumstances, new patent functions are added to the database on a weekly basis (each Wednesday), around two weeks after publication. Patent functions can be found within the worldwide database of publications. When viewing the bibliographic information of a PCT software within the WIPO database, you won't be able to see the patent households or the checklist of cited or citing paperwork, and the Mosaics and INPADOC authorized standing choices won't be obtainable.

If you wish to retrieve patent households or the checklist of cited or citing paperwork and the Mosaics and INPADOC authorized standing choices, you will have to carry out your search within the worldwide database. The WIPO database presents the potential to carry out searches utilizing CPC symbols. Within the EP and WIPO databases, key phrases may be entered in English, French, and German.


PATENTSCOPE is a free search service offered by WIPO. PATENTSCOPE permits entry to tens of millions of patent paperwork together with worldwide patent functions under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and regional and nationwide patent collections from 25 collaborating international locations. In PATENTSCOPE, photos of patent paperwork are in PDF format. PATENTSCOPE additionally gives translation of titles and abstracts of innovations from Chinese language into English and French into English and vice versa.

What Is a WIPO Patent?

WIPO is one of the 17 specialized agenices of the United Nations. Created in 1967, WIPO is intended to encourage creative endeavors that align with tangible inventions. Its missions is to report on and protect intellectual property all over the world. With its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, WIPO currently has 189 member states.

On account of WIPO’s mission, the company goal is to tell inventors and people searching to guard their innovations of the intricacies related to their respective nation’s patent legal guidelines. One of the many sources supplied by the group is the WIPO patent search. a WIPO patent search permits an inventor or enterprise entity to search over 1.9 million worldwide patents to view the most recent paperwork and data. On account of this complete analysis software, the WIPO patent search lets inventors cross-reference their specific invention to make sure that they haven't infringed upon any already-invented creations.

The WIPO patent search is essential for every inventor to search which products are already patented and will keep the inventor from infringing on any concepts or innovations. If there’s already a patent in place for something an inventor has created, that person cannot create or distribute their new product. On account of this obstacle, it's required to watch all issued patents if you're interested in acquiring a patent in your particular invention.

To perform a WIPO patent search, you must go to the World Intellectual Property Organization’s website at http://www.wipo.int. There, you can find the WIPO search software or merely go to http://www.wipo.int/pctdb/en/ to enter the WIPO patent search software instantly. If you enter the WIPO search, you can also enter information relating to your invention, or you may look up patents that have been issued for a creation just like yours.

Google Patent Search Expands to China, Germany, Canada, and WIPO

Google announced that it has expanded its database of patent paperwork inside Google Patent Search to incorporate patent paperwork from other companies. The brand new patent companies included in Google Patent search include China, Germany, Canada, and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Because the database now contains patent paperwork from all over the world, Google determined to combine Google Translate instantly into the patent pages. Now, you may see the patents in their unique languages and in English.

New Patent Search Capability For Chemical Compounds in Progress at WIPO

The World Intellectual Property Organization is engaged in an extension to its patent search programs to incorporate particular searches for chemical compounds. The system is anticipated to be operational by July 2016. Chemsearch is an extension to PATENTSCOPE that they’re aiming to put into place next year with the aim of enabling primary search for chemical compounds. To simply search chemical compounds that are revealed as a part of patent functions and granted patents is what Chemsearch seeks to provide.

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