Do I need an employee manual, and what should I include in it?

You want to have an employee manual that makes your expectations as an employer clear. In particular, you want to make sure that your employees know how to deal with on-the-job harassment.



Should I hire employees or contractors?

That is a business decision, but the law will ultimately determine whether or not the people who work for you are employees or contractors


Do I have to provide benefits to my employees?

Not necessarily, but you should have your wage and benefit plans reviewed.


What is the best way a small business owner can protect personal wealth and assets from business risks?

Obviously forming a corporation or an LLC is the way to go. Each has different tax implications.

What specifically are small business owners most confused about when you first meet with them?

The law in general is confusing. They want to do the right thing, but they are perplexed about how to do it.

How can quality legal services help a small business grow?

Quality legal services reduce uncertainty, allowing business owners to proceed with a clear mind about how to satisfy their business growth opportunities.

How can quality legal services help small businesses save money?

By getting in front of a potential problem, business can avoid the transactional and administrative costs associated with legal actions.

How can small businesses maximize the value of their legal team’s services?

Remaining in close communication is key. Setting up a wise payment plan also helps.

Should business partners have the same amount of equity in a company? Why or why not?

No. It should be based on value.

What are the top three things a small business owner should be aware of when purchasing an existing business?

Require the current owner to sign a “Not to Compete” contract, How long have the employees been there? Are there any key employees who would be hard to replace?, Find out if there are any human resources issues or outstanding lawsuits pending against the company.


Do you have any other essential legal guidance for startups that you haven't already included in this survey?

When hiring employees, make sure that they put your business first.