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Jack N.

Jack Najarian Licensed in IL, TX

Your business has a variety of legal needs, from formation to operations and contracts. Having a business attorney that does it all, like Jack Hajarian, can be an invaluable resource. Mr. Hajarian can help your business by creating outsourcing agreements, dealing with employment matters, selling or acquiring real estate, and negotiating contracts.
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Pete L.

Pete Larsen Licensed in TX

Pete Larsen is an attorney at law who has been practicing law for the past 12 years. Pete is licensed to practice law in Texas and he obtained his legal degree from the South Texas College of Law. Some of Pete’s most recent clients include Situs, Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. and GP Strategies. He is exceptionally experienced in real estate law. Since May 2014, Pete has been serving as a partner at First Law International.
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Lenatria J.

Lenatria Jurist Licensed in NM, TX

LeNatria Jurist is a real estate and business law attorney with 10+ years of progressive managing complex legal matters and representing clients in a variety of real proper... read more
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Tzvi F.

Tzvi Finman Licensed in TX

Tzvi Finman is a business-focused attorney that has been providing legal services in Texas for the past two years. He is the founder of The Finman Law Firm and primarily focuses on legal matters concerning commercial construction and real estate development. Tzvi is a member of the Texas and Houston Bar Associations. Some of the corporate clients that Tzvi has represented include CPR Center of Houston LLC and Industrial Kosher LLC.
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Trenton R.

Trenton Roberts Licensed in TX

Currently a partner at Roberts & Willie, PLLC, Trenton Roberts has previously worked at other law firms like Latham & Watkins when he was a transactional attorney for a year and a half. His focus is in the areas regarding commercial lending, private equity, energy and business clients. He graduated with his LLM from New York University School of Law, and he achieved his JD separately from the University of Chicago Law School. He can communicate in English, Spanish and Japanese.
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Eleanor B.

Eleanor Benmenashe Licensed in TX

If you are looking for an experienced lawyer in the oil, gas, and construction industry, turn to Eleanor BenManashe. Eleanor specializes in the Dodd-Frank Section 1502 rule and can advise you on the best way to handle your business. She is also experienced in handling contract drafts and can put together a compliance framework for any company. In addition to the oil, gas, and construction industry, she is able to help with the preparation of leases, boundary disputes, and landlord-tenant issues.
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Trang Q. T.

Trang Q. Tran Licensed in TX

Tran is a trial lawyer who constantly works on honing his skills and improving his craft. His firm, Tran Law Firm LLP, is mainly focused on civil litigation involving commercial disputes and employment law, which involves all aspects of employment litigation and counseling. Tran has been rated by Super Lawyers and is a member of 10 organizations outside of his practice.
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Sarabeth E.

Sarabeth Egle Licensed in TX

SaraBeth is a Tax Senior in Deloitte Tax's Multistate Tax practice, specializing in research and consulting for federal, state, and local excise taxes. Before joining Deloitte Tax, she provided legal assistance to clients on various matters including the restructuring of corporations through mergers and acquisitions, the dissolution of corporations, and private foundation excise tax issues.
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Tim S.

Tim Sutherland Licensed in TX

Tim Sutherland is both an attorney at law and a business owner. He specializes in assisting startup companies and entrepreneurs found their businesses successfully. Tim is also experienced in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts. He has been licensed to practice law in Texas for the past six years and received his degree in law from the University of Houston Law Center. In August 2014, Tim founded his own legal firm, Sutherland, Attorney & Counselor.
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Jeffrey W.

Jeffrey Wheelock Licensed in TX

Jeffrey Wheelock is a business attorney with more than 26 years of experience. He is experienced in commercial contracts, but specializes in all areas of business law. Jeffrey often represents startup companies, with a special focus on franchising. He is licensed to practice law in Texas and received his Juris Doctor degree in law from the University of Houston. Since June 1998, Jeffrey has been serving as a partner attorney at Dickinson & Wheelock, P.C.
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"I am currently running a large open source project that has been receiving contributions from corporations to spend time improving the software. I want to create a corporate entity that will act as the recipient of contributions. I would like to potentially add partners or pay contractors in the future. I am thinking about starting a LLC, but I am not sure. I am currently looking for advice on the best way to structure a company and any other aspects for me to consider when starting a business."
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Reaching for the Stars in Houston


Houston has long been known for innovation.  Known as “Space City”, Houston has been the home to dreamers and doers for decades.  A quick internet search for startups in Houston will show you the hundreds of growing companies and the many events and spaces that have welcomed them and are helping them to grow. From advanced ground penetrating technologies to cutting edge cloud concepts, Houston is a place for startup companies to reach for the stars. 

To help you succeed in making your own moonshot, you need to find a Houston startup lawyer.  The best startup attorneys know how to build the framework for you to rocket to success, and understand the challenges that startup business might encounter.  Faced with limited funds and big dreams, many startups are tempted to go it alone and seek an attorney only when they find bumps on the road.  Working with a startup attorney in Houston from the beginning can help you leverage your funds in a smart way so that you can prepare your startup to rocket to success while you plan for those failures that might arise along the way.  The best startup attorneys have been through failures to launch and will use their skills and knowledge to help protect you from your own missteps along your path. 



Building the Framework for Your Dream to Launch


Whether your new startup employees only you or is a team of thousands, you need to create the framework for your company to operate.  Without the right documents, agreements and policies in place, no world changing idea can reach orbit.  A startup lawyer in Houston is a specialist is forming the right kind of business structure for you.  Should you form a corporation or a partnership, or will a limited liability company be the right for you? Your startup attorney has the knowledge and experience to help you choose wisely.  You may need a founder’s agreement to protect your personal interest, or maybe it’s wise to have a non-compete to keep would-be competitors from capitalizing on the skills of a knowledgeable team.  From setting up your employee compensation structures and anticipating tax issues, to drafting those pesky HR rules and knowing if you need a driver’s license and a passport from your new hire, your Houston startup lawyers has the tools you need to build a solid business foundation to launch your dreams. 



Protecting Your Ideas as You Expand the Horizons


Your idea will expand horizons.  It will be no good to you though if it’s not protected.  Not only will the best startup attorneys in Houston know how to lay the foundation for your new company’s success, they also know that your idea isn’t any good to you if you can’t protect it.  Depending on whether your innovation is a product, a new technology or even a service, this intellectual property can be protected from unauthorized use and use without compensation.

All sorts of methods can be used to protect your idea.  Copyrights, trademarks, service marks and even patents can be created to protect this new intellectual property that you have created.  Your Houston startup lawyer will know the rules of the road.  Plus, in addition to putting in place these legal protections, the best startup attorney knows that sometimes you also have to protect your innovation from within.  Confidentiality agreements can make sure that when your employees move on to their new dimensions, they don’t take your ideas along for the ride. 



Fueling Your Startup’s Rocket


No rocket can launch without fuel.  For your Houston startup to rise to great heights, you need money to get off the ground.

While we all wish money fell from the sky, the truth is raising capital takes time and hard work.  It also needs structure, since no one will give you money without knowing what they’ll get in return (if you find someone who will, let us know!)

Houston is home to some real entrepreneurial minds you will help you find your path to venture capital, angel investors, banks, and even some regular people.  All of these folks will expect you to know the rules about how to take their money and what you can do with it.  Some may want an equity stake in your company while others are happy to loan you the money.  Your Houston startup lawyer will create the documents essential to protecting you while letting your funders know exactly what their investment will bring them.  You may need to draft management agreements and even stock certificates.  Your startup lawyer will understand that local, state and even federal rules that apply so that you can avoid costly and even mission critical errors.  A partner on your launch team, your startup lawyer in Houston will help you fuel your rocket, your startup can soar.



Forging New Frontiers


You’ve built the framework, fueled your rocket and you’re ready to launch to forge new frontiers.  What does your future hold? More exploration, expanding your mission team, joining forces with this generation’s change makers?

Your Houston startup attorney is your partner in figuring out your best path forward.  If you haven’t found your lawyer among the best startup attorneys in Houston, it’s not too late.  Find a top notch startup lawyer in Houston that will make sure that you continue on your journey in a way that brings you rewards to that you deserve and expect.

It may be that it’s time to find your crew some new space.  Or maybe you’ve found a terrific space but need to add team members to help you expand on those patented ideas. Perhaps you’ve been approached by a world leader in your field that wants to make you a part of their team! Just like your need to innovate never stops, your need for solid legal guidance doesn’t stop either. 

You may need new policies and new contracts.  If you’re moving to new space, you’ll have a new and probably lengthy lease to review.  Is it time to renegotiate or even pay off that debt?   Your Houston startup lawyer may be able to negotiate a better deal.  Are you presented with the change of a lifetime to sell to that innovator who wants to expand our frontiers all the way to Mars? Your Houston startup lawyer has the knowledge, experience and toolbox of skills needed to help you navigate these opportunities.  The best startup attorneys may even had a few interesting ideas that you never thought of (securing a lifetime pass for that new space hotel??) As you break boundaries and expand the frontiers of your success, your Houston startup lawyer will be your partner in boldly going places you’ve never been before.    



Triumph in the Space City


In your pursuit of innovation and success, your startup lawyer in Houston will be key member of your team.  From creating the infrastructure of your startup to protecting your intellectual property, you need the best startup attorney you can find.  Just as you spent time in forging the ideas that are the foundation of your startup company, you need to take time and care to find that right team member to protect those ideas.

While it’s likely hiring a startup lawyer in Houston may not be something you thought you needed, by now you understand the value of that investment.  It’s easy to be tempted to try to save on legal fees by going it alone, but that’s a path that may end up costing you more in the long run and result in the failure to your startup to get off the launch pad.  Finding a startup lawyer in Houston that will meet your budget, understands your business and has the tools you need to succeed will ensure that your Space City startup story will be one of triumph.  

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