The Rhode Island Annual Report is an entity information update filed with the Secretary of State online or by mail for corporations, LLCs, professional corporations (PCs), professional limited liability companies (PLLCs), low-profit LLCs (L3Cs), and non-profits. 

The following are the filing periods:

  • PCs and corporations - January 1st to March 1st 
  • PLLCs and LLCs - September 1st to November 1st 
  • Nonprofits - June 1st to June 30th

How To File Your Rhode Island LLC's Annual Report Online

To file your Annual Report using the state website, you will need a Customer Identification Number (CID) and PIN, which will get mailed to your registered agent before your due date. If your registered agent has not received these credentials, email the Secretary of State at [email protected] or by calling (401) 222-3040.

  1. Navigate to the Rhode Island Secretary of State's Business Services Online Filing System at
  2. When you arrive at the form's main page, scroll down on the screen and enter your PIN and CID. Click "Submit." 
  3. Next, select "Annual Report" and hit "Submit." 
  4. You will then enter the filing year for the report. Your ID number will automatically populate on the screen, along with the exact name of your company and state of the firm's formation.  
  5. Access a drop-down menu where you should select the industry which is the most appropriate representation of your LLC's line of work. If you do not see anything that most closely represents your company, then select the option for "Other Services (except Public Administration)." 
  6. You will see the description of your business that you provided when filing for your Articles of Organization. You are at liberty to make any amendments to this description as you see fit on the page. It is possible that this field will be empty. Take the time to type a few words or sentences to state the function of your LLC concisely. Examples would be, "Italian restaurant," "architecture consulting," or "upcycling and repurposing clothes for toddlers," and so forth. 
  7. Review your listed principal address. If the existing address is OK, then leave it as it is, or if necessary, make any changes.  Remember that the principal address is the location of your business. Therefore, a physical street address is required and not a P.O. Box. You have the option of providing a registered agent's address, your residence, a relative or friend's address, or an office address.   
  8. Check to see that your existing contact title, contact name, and mailing address appears correctly. If needed, make any change or leave as-is. In most cases, you would put your own name as the contact name. For the contact title, either "Manager" or "Member" will suffice, especially if you are the owner. However, if you have a member-managed LLC, leave this section blank. If, on the other hand, it is manager-managed, provide each manager's name and address and click "Add."  
  9. Verify your registered agent information next. However, you are not permitted to make any changes to your LLC's registered agent details on the Annual Report if it has changed. For an agent address change, use Form 642A, but for both a name and address change, you must use Form 642. You can file either of the forms by mail or online.   
  10. In the following section, it will show "Executed (signed) by an Authorized Person." You do not have to enter anything here. This statement is the Rhode Island Secretary of State informing you that an electronic signature at the bottom should be from a representative authorized by the LLC. 
  11. Next, you will be asked to answer three survey questions, which you can complete quickly. The purpose of the survey is to help the Secretary of State monitor Rhode Island's economic health. Answering the survey will not affect your Annual Report filing; it is entirely optional whether or not you participate. 
  12. Enter your name, the name of the LLC, your address, telephone number, and email address for the Filer's Contact Information section.   
  13. Type in your full name or the authorized filer will provide his or her full name to sign the form electronically. Check "Accept" for the terms of service and click to submit the form's information. 
  14. You will have the opportunity to review all your entries and check for spelling errors. At the lower left and lower right, you can choose to "Make Corrections" or "Accept," respectfully.   
  15. The last step is to make your payment for filing costs. For an LLC, the amount is $50.

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