Provisional Patent Number

Provisional patent number applications are publicly available but hard to find. If the related non-provisional patent application has been published, you can access its provisional application through PAIR on Public Pair.

Some of the paid-for patent search tools are starting to have searchable PAIR data, meaning that provisional patent applications will be included in there.

If you are having difficulty finding the provisional patent application, you can also make a written request to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Pending applications can be searched through AppFT (when they have been published) too.

It would be a lot wiser (and easier) to search for pending patents and issued patents that are correlated to your invention instead of trying to search for provisional patents. The simplest way to check if there's no similar creation out there is to search on and

If you discover something that is exactly the same, then you shouldn’t file a patent because the patent office will rule that your idea is not unique or new.

You’ll most likely find one or two variances between your idea and what’s already described in another patent, and the application for a patent that you construct should focus on those differences.

Contemporary Application Series Numbers

Patent Application Numbers start with a two digit series number and a six digit serial number.

Provisional patent application numbers can be found when an application is published or if a patent is granted and the inventor uses the filing date of the provisional patent application as the priority date for the patent.

General Patent Applications

Unless the individual filing a patent also files a non-publication request, U.S. patent applications are routinely published after 18-months from their earliest priority date.

Provisional Patent Applications Aren’t Published

Provisional patent applications aren’t published. After 12-months the application automatically becomes cast aside and never publicly published. There are few exceptions to this.

Provisional Patent Application Secrecy Exceptions

If a non-provisional patent application is filed stating that they have priority to the provisional patent application and the non-provisional patent application is (i) published or (ii) granted as a patent, then a copy of the provisional patent application will be available to the public.

Why Provisional Patent Applications Are a Good Idea

Temporary patent applications cost less to get ready from a lawyer charge viewpoint in light of the fact that there are no formal prerequisites, which implies we can concentrate on revealing the development in its full detail while as yet setting up an astoundingly nitty gritty application that costs a small amount of the cost of a non-provisional patent application (i.e., consistent patent application).

Portray whatever you can, record a temporary patent application and work toward culminating the development and checking whether there is a market.

That is the manner by which temporary patent applications are ideal and why they are an important instrument for those with a restricted spending plan, which by the day's end is everybody in the patent space.

Temporary patent applications are amazing apparatuses for designers who are proceeding with their work on their creation.

At that point when you are finished taking a shot at the creation, or before the temporary winds up noticeably relinquished at 12 months (whichever is first), record the non-provisional patent application that incorporates the prior depicted part of your innovation and in addition any changes or increments.

When Is a Provisional Patent Application Best?

There are things you need to improve, things you require more opportunity to look into and create and as a rule you are trying to get patent pending status before you have 3D renderings, building drawings or even a moderate model.

In this setting you basically can't in any way, shape or form portray all that you will at last need to depict in light of the fact that you don't have the development finish in its full eminence.

As you advance forward with your innovation you take in more at every turn.

It is best to record a patent application at the earliest opportunity, so consider documenting a temporary patent application when your creation is concrete and sufficiently unmistakable to portray.

At that point as you make changes you can record another temporary patent application if your need, or simply move to a non-provisional patent application.

Therefore, temporary patent applications are completely perfect when you have something that could be ensured now however you are proceeding to chip away at refining, consummating and supplementing the innovation.

Another key advantage of a temporary patent application is that the Patent Office won't do anything with the temporary patent application unless and until the point when you document a non-provisional patent application asserting the advantage of the need of the temporary patent application recording date.

Basic to recollect, notwithstanding, is that an imprudently arranged temporary is an entire exercise in futility and cash.

Reality Check and Importance of Disclosure

Truth be told, you should document a non-provisional patent application inside 12 months of the recording of your temporary patent application keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee the advantage of that temporary recording.

On the off chance that you do document the non-provisional patent application inside 12 months then the recording date of your non-provisional patent application will be esteemed to be the recording date of your prior recorded temporary patent application, at any rate as for whatever you uncovered in the temporary patent application.

The way that it is bring down in taken a toll and doesn't require conventions doesn't mean you shouldn't consider it important.

An inadequately arranged temporary patent application offers no advantage at all and can accompany huge drawback later.

It is imperative to see, in any case, that in the event that you are employing a lawyer to get ready and record the application the way that less time is required does not imply that next to zero time is required.

The particular and drawings should be finished, wide regarding what is portrayed and particular to ensure you are meeting all patentability necessities as of the date you record the temporary patent application.

The reason that compromising makes a temporary patent application useless is on account of in the United States all together for a patent application to be helpful to at last prompt the assurance of an innovation the application must be finished as of the season of recording.

As a rule terms, a patent application will be thought to be finished when the development is portrayed so another person comfortable with the innovation could both make and utilize the creation having just perused the patent application that is documented.

The more conscientious of those contenders will look for not to encroach upon your rights, which implies they will try to contend as intently and specifically as could reasonably be expected yet in a way that doesn't in fact and actually impersonate your innovation.

So you have to think about your innovation as what works best, as well as what works; regardless of how roughly.

In this manner, it is basic innovators comprehend that they practically have just 12 months to record a non-provisional patent application and not trick themselves into supposing they have 14 months.

Going It Alone Without a Patent Attorney

Drawings are your closest companion in any patent application, and amazing proficient drawings can be acquired for between $50 and $100 per page.

When I built up the Invent + Patent System I made answer formats that can be utilized and various innovation applicable illustrations that can be impersonated.

This attempts to minimize expenses since it is a cooperative exertion and you are coordinating the procedure and giving the basic development data as opposed to paying a lawyer to depict what you know best — your creation.

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