Ibnul Khan

Ibnul Khan

Attorney & Counselor-at-Law

Licensed in
George Mason University School of Law
I first studied law and became a qualified Barrister in England and Wales. Thereafter, I received an LLM at Antonin Scalia Law School, passed the New York bar exam, and began practicing law as a civil litigation attorney.

Currently, I’m licensed to practice law in New York and Maryland, with cases in multiple states–in both federal and state courts. My work consists primarily of commercial cases regarding contractual disputes and business torts.

Outside litigation, I do immigration, regulatory compliance, and M&A work. I’m also an Adjunct Professor at Antonio Scalia Law School. In Spring 2020, I taught Constitutional law.
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Work History

Chap Petersen & Associates, PLLC


Jun 2017 - Present

To date, I have worked on hundreds of cases throughout the litigation and administrative or regulatory process. My work has resulted in obtaining a 7-figure judgment, to taking a major trade secrets case past summary judgment, and defending a client on the statute of frauds.

Jun 2017 - Present

Antonin Scalia Law School

Adjunct Professor

Jan 2020 - May 2020

I taught a 4-credit Constitutional law course on separation of powers, federalism, individual liberties, and due process.

Jan 2020 - May 2020

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