1. Pressure Washing Business
2. Who Is This Business Right For?
3. Why Start a Pressure Washing Business?
4. How to Start: Gain Skills
5. How to Start: Get the Right Equipment

Pressure Washing Business

The pressure washing business, compared to other ways of cleaning, is effective at getting rid of grime and dirt. For those who want to make the exterior better of a building or home, pressure washing can be a useful method.

The perks? You can add to the longevity of a structure, as well as help maintain its exterior finishes over time. And you don't even need a lot of initial capital to begin pressure washing, plus it is easy to learn.

Who Is This Business Right For?

If you like to help customers maintain the well being of their homes or buildings, and are adept at using machinery and equipment, you may be a good fit for this line of work. Also, if you like keeping things clean and are good with people, pressure washing could be for you.

Why Start a Pressure Washing Business?

  • Pressure washing is one way to create a small business, thus escaping from the tedium of a regular desk job.
  • After starting your own pressure washing business, you’ll find you have direction over your scheduled, your workplace, and your revenue.
  • You can make money while enjoying the outdoors.
  • As an owner, you also get to decide how much you want to grow your business. You can keep a small client base or expand to different areas and sectors, such as driveways or machines and trucks.
  • You get to be the decision maker for your company’s future.

How to Start: Gain Skills

The pressure washer is simple to use, but in order to wield it well and safely, you need to learn on the job or take courses.

  • For many states, you need to be licensed as a contractor, with proof of education, licensing, and prior work experience.
  • If you don’t have experience, find a pressure washing company to join for a short period of time in order to gain skills and learn the ins and outs.

As a pressure washer, you will need to be able to be able to use the pressure washing machinery efficiently and safely, which requires good hand-eye motor coordination skills. Many institutes across the country offer online or in-person classes that will train you in understanding and using the machinery.

Be careful to ensure your clients’ buildings or machines are cleaned, as well as making sure not to damage any items around the surface (such as plants or outdoor decor).

  • By borrowing a pressure washer from a friend or renting one, you can experiment with how to use it.
  • Furthermore, YouTube has many useful educational videos.
  • After experimenting with the pressure washer, you will find you can quickly become skilled enough to clean professionally for clients.
  • For more professional development, there are many courses you can take to show you how to best utilize the pressure washer and how to market yourself well.

By working for another person, you add to your background by affiliating with an experienced pressure washing company that has positive ratings.

How to Start: Get the Right Equipment

In order to begin your company, you need materials and machines.

  • A pressure washing machine that can be purchased at many retail stores
  • Nozzles to modify the water’s pressure
  • Hoses
  • Disinfectant cleaning chemicals
  • Protective materials, such as gloves and goggles
  • A vehicle will also be essential to transport your machinery and other supplies. A truck or van would be effective, as would a trailer.

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