When writing office cleaning contracts, it's important to have all the necessary details.

Office Cleaning Contracts Overview

In today's business world, selling office janitorial services involves a combination of traditional methods and online marketing in order for a business to stand out. Back in the day, business cards and flyers could easily market an office cleaning service. However, those days are long gone.

If a person wants to have office cleaning contracts now, they need to take an approach that involves traditional strategies such as referrals, networking, and public relations as well as online marketing. This is challenging, but the owner will benefit by seizing opportunities to help accelerate the business, getting more clients, and retaining them.

Office Cleaning Marketing Strategy

The first step in effectively selling janitorial services is identifying who the target audience is. If the company wants to focus on small businesses, it won't make any sense to concentrate marketing efforts on larger office facilities. Look at the current customer base and focus on the accounts that are the most profitable. This can include customers who are satisfied with the performance and give referrals.

When starting out, talk to people in the cleaning services industry and to businesses that match the target market profile. Businesses will want to know what customers need and want. This information will aid the business in its marketing strategy. Finding a consistent approach to pricing and figuring out what services are the best to offer will help set a standard contract package.

It's important to find ways to make the office cleaning services stand out from others in the area. As an example, an environmentally aware or green approach could be used.

Online Marketing to Get Office Cleaning Contracts

According to The Janitorial Store, most customers do over half of their decision-making after seeing something online and before speaking to a representative. This is why it's essential to have a comprehensive and strong internet presence so the cleaning business will be marketed appropriately. A key is offering existing and potential clients information that's trustworthy, useful, and up-to-date.

Social media sites help increase the reach to potential customers with videos, news, and articles about the services. It's smart to create a website with a blog where questions can be answered and a Frequently Asked Questions page is provided for answers to common questions. Even if the company isn't computer savvy, there's no reason not to learn search engine optimization and other techniques. Running an office-cleaning business requires this skill in the current day and age, so don't be intimidated by it.

Traditional Ways to Get Office Cleaning Contracts

There are still time-honored methods when it comes to marketing that many companies use. Customers can be encouraged to refer other businesses to a company. They can also be asked for personal testimonials that will be posted on social media or a website.

Networking is another useful way to reach new customers. Try to participate in the following events for marketing

  • Social
  • Local business
  • Charitable events

Charitable organizations should also be sponsored and donated to. The main goal is to have other businesspeople know the company and think of them when they need a new office cleaning service.

Closing the Deal to Get Office Cleaning Contracts

Getting leads through online marketing, advertising, networks, and referrals are another part of the process when it comes to obtaining office cleaning contracts. The owner needs to close the deal with potential customers and perform a walk-through. Every office is different, so it's not often possible to figure out the exact tasks that are needed or the price for them until the space is physically inspected.

Look at all the rooms and examine features such as windows and floor coverings. Talk to the client about what exactly needs to be done. See how often the office will need to be cleaned, when the work needs to be done, and what the budget will be.

The owner can then estimate labor costs and see what price best fits the client's needs. The business will ensure the price allows room for a profit.

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