What Are the LLC Name Requirements for New Mexico?

A New Mexico business search for an available LLC name is the first step in forming this type of business. The name has to be unique, distinguishable, and different from other businesses in New Mexico. Other requirements include the following:

  • The name must contain the abbreviation “LLC” or “L.L.C.” after the name
  • The chosen name can't contain “Corporation,” “Incorporated,” "Corp,” or ”Inc." because the business is not a corporation.

Note: Designators at the end of the name and differences in grammar are not distinguishable characteristics.

How to Search Through the New Mexico Business Entity Database for an LLC

Go to the search page, type the choice of name into the “Entity name” box, and click search. The matches displayed in the search results are filterable using "exact match" and "contains" options.  Scroll through the results until you find the name you're looking for and click on it to learn more.

Search Tips:

  • Don't include “LLC” and punctuation.
  • Capitalization doesn't have any bearing on the search results.
  • Search for the first one to two words or just part of the first word to be extra thorough.

The page for each name includes information made public by the Secretary of State, such as the following:

  • Registered Agent Information
  •  Names of the Organizers
  • Contact Information
  • Entity ID Number
  • NMSCC Number
  • Formation Date
  • State of Formation

Existing businesses in New Mexico can be searched by simply clicking the search button. If the results on the search page are distinguishable from (i.e., not very similar to) the name in question, that LLC name is available to use.

The same is true if a “no data found” message appears on the results page.

LLCs already in use will display with the registered entities conflicting in the search page. Exact matches are not available for use, nor are deceptively similar names.

Searches can be done by business ID. Any paperwork submitted to the State of New Mexico does undergo an LLC name search. The name filing will be returned. So creativity with a potential LLC is essential. File the name successfully with the Secretary of State before applying for an EIN, domain name, business cards, sign, or letterhead.

How to Reserve an LLC in New Mexico

If an applicant would like to reserve the desired LLC name in New Mexico, the state will allow the name to be saved or reserved for a period of 120 days.

First, the applicant should download and fill out the application form. After completing the application form, include a filing fee of $20 and send it to the Secretary of State. After the name is reserved and filed, it is time to get a registered agent.

Registered Agent and Filing Requirements

The registered agent for an LLC has to have a physical address in New Mexico, and they are required to accept documents on the business' behalf. Businesses in the state pay an LLC filing fee of $50. Having a registered agent helps with the paperwork filing process initially and at regularly scheduled intervals.

A filing has to be mailed in or walked into the commission. It takes two months to process and requires completely original signatures. The registered agent for the LLC must sign it too. Certificates of good standing have to be original and filed in 30 days.

The filing submitted by the LLC has to include two copies: the original and one copy.

Advantages to Hiring a Registered Agent

Registered agents accept documents on behalf an LLC, and they know how to handle business filings in the state of New Mexico. They know the dates for annual reports too, so they can help with filling out of the forms and provide the forms themselves. Many of the resources they have access to are free, and registered agents typically do not bill every year, so hiring a registered agent can be a good option for LLCs to consider.

Where Records for LLCs Are Managed

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) makes filing records available online. Requests for records not available online can be made by mail, over the phone, or in person to the Operations Division. LLC filings are managed by the Corporations Bureau of the Public Regulation Commission. Records from this commission can be sent by mail or by fax.

The RLD handles most licensing records. It covers businesses like finance, alcohol, gaming, manufactured houses, securities, and other types of professions via online access. They do not cover licensing for lawyers, though. That is managed by the New Mexico Bar Association online.

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