Doing a Nevada LLC lookup allows you to crosscheck the name you've selected with the database of the Secretary of State (SOS) to find out if it is available.

Information for a Nevada LLC Lookup

The first step in starting an LLC in Nevada begins with choosing a name. To start a Nevada LLC, the name of the business must include Ltd. Liability Co., Limited Liability Company, LLC, or L.L.C.

The next step is visiting the Secretary of State website and running the name you've chosen through the database. You may reserve an available name for 90 days at the SOS website by filing a request. You may also file the request by mail. Both options include a $25 fee. 

Information for Filing an LLC in Nevada

Understanding what an LLC is and how it operates will help you decide if it is the right business structure for your needs. When filing with the Nevada Secretary of State, consider the following.

  • An LLC has several benefits potential business owners may find attractive such as the flexibility of the organization, the protection of limited liability for its members, and access to tax options.
  • There is no limit to the number of members making up an LLC.
  • LLCs are also known as "hybrid" businesses because their structures blend elements of limited liability partnerships and corporations
  • An LLC will need a designated registered agent, also referred to as a resident agent, to be responsible for legal paperwork involving a lawsuit with the LLC named as a defendant. The agent can be a resident of Nevada or a business that has the approval to act as an agent for the LLC, a privilege available by filing the appropriate certificate.
  • As an LLC, Nevada requires that an Articles of Organization form be completed and filed with the SOS. The form should include the approved name of the LLC that follows state requirements; the LLC address; the name, address, and signature of each member, manager, and organizers of the LLC; name, address, and signature of the resident agent; the dissolution date of the LLC, if applicable; and the necessary filing fees. 
  • Processing fees for Articles of Organization generally run about $75 and are paid by money order, credit card, check, or trust account.
  • For LLCs with more than one member, you will need to create an operating agreement that includes all members. An operating agreement is not required by the Nevada Secretary of State, but it will be needed when filing for an LLC's Nevada tax license.
  • LLCs with employees must apply for Employer Identification Numbers (EIN) via the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • LLCs are not required to file lists of assets with the state.

Benefits of Forming a Nevada LLC

Nevada offers several benefits when forming an LLC in the state.

  • A Nevada LLC has no taxes at the state level. This includes personal income tax, tax on franchise income, corporate income tax, unitary tax, estate or gift tax, and admissions tax. 
  • LLCs are not required to provide lists containing the names of their members (owners).
  • Liability is limited to the company and not the manager, director, or officers. The exception to this is if you are part of a blatant fraud scheme or have provided your personal guarantee based on your assets to a lender or other entity, which allows the entity to come after you if the LLC's obligation is not paid.

Information for LLC Taxes

Nevada LLCs are treated as a corporation, which makes the LLC subject to federal income tax classification. The type of taxation you've chosen determines the LLCs tax responsibilities.

  • The U.S. Return of Partnership Income Form 1065 must be filed for an LLC treated as an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership). The profits, losses, and credit and how each was distributed are filed on Schedule K-1.
  • Forms 8832 and 1120 must be filed by an LLC treated as a C corporation with the IRS. 
  • For an LLC filing as an S corporation, Form 1120S must be completed and include a report prepared by each owner outlining information about the equal distribution of the LLC's profits, losses, and credit.
  • An LLC as a sole proprietorship reports all business income and expenses on Schedule C of Form 1040 of the sole proprietor's personal tax return.

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