1. Mississippi Annual Report
2. How to File a Mississippi Business Services Division Annual Report
3. Cost to File a Mississippi Annual Report

Mississippi Annual Report

A Mississippi annual report is a report that all LLCs that do business in the state must file every year. This report keeps the business in compliance and good standing. You have to file an annual report online. Mississippi doesn't provide a mail-in filing option.

How to File a Mississippi Business Services Division Annual Report

  1. To file your annual report, go to the Business Services page at the Secretary of State website.
  2. When your Certificate of Formation was filed, you should have created a username and password at that time. Enter that information in the appropriate boxes.
  3. You'll now be at your account dashboard. In the section titled “Annual Reports,” click “File an Annual Report.”
  4. In the search box, enter your business ID number. Click “Next.” If you need your business ID, it's on your Certificate of Formation. Another way to find it is by searching for your LLC on the Business Search page.
  5. Enter your email address (a personal email address is fine) in the box for “Business Email.” 
  6. Input your phone number (your personal or cell number is fine) in the box for “Business Phone.”
  7. In the box, enter your Federal Tax ID Number.
  8. Under “Nature of Business,” enter the NAICS code that corresponds to your company's primary industry. Government agencies use NAICS codes (North American Industry Classification System) to classify your line of business and its activities. They mainly use the information for statistical purposes. To find your code number, you can visit the NAICS site and look up your number there.

You can browse by keyword or industry.

  • Keyword search: In the “NAICS Keyword Search” box, input the first word of your industry. For example, you might enter landscape, restaurant, real estate, or retail. Click “Submit.” Go through the results until you locate your industry and the accompanying code.
  • Industry search: Scroll under the search box. You'll see code numbers next to Industry Titles.

If you're unable to find an exact match for your industry, use the code that's the closest match. For assistance with this, call the U.S. Census Bureau at 888-756-2427.

Check the “Operating Agreement” box if your LLC has one already. Enter your company's principal address. This could be an office or home address. Click “Add Party” to add members or managers. For signatures, select your title in the “Title” drop-down menu (manager, member, or organizer). Enter your name and address, and then click “Next.”

Once you enter all the required details, you'll get a message stating that your annual report is error-free and ready to submit. Click “Next.” Upload attachments if you have them. If you have no attachments, leave the “Attachments” section blank, and click “Next” to submit your report. You'll then proceed to the page for Filing Approval Acknowledgment. This is your confirmation that you've submitted a report for filing.

When you file online, your report is immediately processed and filed. Within a few minutes, you should receive an email confirmation which contains a downloadable link along with a tracking number for your filed report.

Nonprofit businesses and partnerships are exempt from filing annual reports. However, nonprofit corporations in the state (including foreign and domestic) must file a status report once every five years. Nonprofits can choose to file a status report anytime they wish if any of their organization information has changed.

Charities in the state renew registration every year with the Secretary of State. Their due date is the State issued their certificate of registration.

Annual reports may be filed by the following: 

  • Manager
  • Officer
  • Authorized party

Cost to File a Mississippi Annual Report

The cost for filing an annual report is as follows:

  • Domestic and foreign corporations$22 or $23.25 (online filing convenience fee added)
  • Domestic and foreign nonprofits $25 for the status report
  • Domestic LLCs $0
  • Foreign LLCs $250
  • Charities renewal $50
  • No report for domestic and foreign LLPs and LPs

To keep your business in good standing and compliance with the state, make sure you file all annual or status reports on time, as well as pay your fees. You can always find more information at the Secretary of State website, if needed.

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