When it comes to a Massachusetts SOS corporation search, you can do so online to find the information you need. The MA Corporate Registry functions as a record for all corporate entities registered within the state. The database acts as a storage center for all documentation and registration of the business entities in the state. The database holds information on the following entities:

• Corporations

• Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

• Limited Partnerships (LP )

• Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)

• Limited Companies (LC)

If you need to look for information about business entities based in MA, then you go to the online section of the MA SOS, which allows you to search for any business of your choice in MA. To conduct the right search, you need the following pieces of information:

• Business name

• Personal name

• ID number

• File number

First, visit the SOS website, and pick the data of your choice:

• Corporate database (where you can find created LLCs)

• Reservation names (LLCs not yet created)

• Corporate card files

• Rejected applications

Business Name

To look for the entity via business name, you should find the search page and go to the search indicator that’s next to the search entity sub-menu. From there, enter the name you’re looking for, and select the search tab. After, the page will list the results, and you should then select the name if you can find it. You will find all necessary information pertaining to your business entity. You may also do the following:

• Request certificates

• View filings

• Conduct a new search

Individual Name

You may also search an individual name using the same categories. Go to the search page, and go to the box that’s beside the search bar with the individual name sub-category. Place the full legal name in the provided field, and commence the search. From there, the page will list your results and you may select the entity you’re looking for. In addition to showing the information you’re looking for, it will also display links in which you can obtain certificates, find various filings or conduct another search.

ID Number

Finally, you may search using a filing or ID number in the same search page. Go to the same area, and go to the box that displays the ID sub-heading. Enter the name, and select the search menu to get your results.

Because you entered a specified number, you will either get the sole entity you’re looking for, or you will get no results. After you finish, you can redirect yourself back to the main page and search for another entity if necessary.

MA Search Structure

The Secretary of the Commonwealth for Massachusetts is similar to the secretary of state in MA. The MA SOS is also the primary public information source in MA. The SOS, aside from residing over public affairs, also oversees the following:

• Corporation division

• Archives division

• Election division

• State record division

• Public record division

• Securities department

• MA historical commission

In MA, corporations may upgrade various items by filing change certificates instead of using an amendment. For domestic MA corporate entities, such changes may include:

• Primary office

• Directors and officers

• Fiscal year end

• Registered agent name and office address

Foreign corporations must also adhere to changes regarding registered agents.

• **Note: Items updated via change certificates may also be updated through the filing of a corporate annual report, with the exception of changes to registered agents or a registered agent office address. However, the annual report needs to be sent online.

Further, change certificates and annual reports are unavailable for documents filed before December 2002. Such records were purged from the system with the exception of various change files and non-profit entities.

When it comes to various entities, you can amend organization documents through changes to the annual reports. All annual reports call for a restatement of all information necessary on the formation document, with the exception of proof of licensure. Upon requesting charter forms for business entities, you must let officials know the various options you would prefer:

• **Annual Filings: This choice is the most cost-effective for LP and LLC information, but original registration documents are not included with this choice.

• **Annuals/On-File Documents: This option provides a full history of an entity.

• **Original Formation: This also includes amendments to documents and mergers, but no annual docs. Such an option may not show current charter information.

• **Original Formation with the Latest Annual Report: This is a common choice, and it yields the most current charter, including original information and mergers/amendments.

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