1. Searching by Name
2. Searching by Individual Name
3. Searching by Identification Number or Filing Number

Searching by Name

Performing a Massachusetts corp search makes it easy to find corporations that are registered within the state. If you'd like to search the database by name, start by navigating to the search page. Look for the subheading marked “entity name” and check the box to tell the system to search based on the registered name. From there, you can enter the name of the business you wish to search for and select the search type you want to perform. The last step is clicking on “search corporations.”

The database of business entities will provide results based on the information provided in your inquiry. Choose the business you want to view, and you will be redirected to a page with more detailed information. On this information page, you'll see pertinent information about the business entity. From this page, you can view the business filings or request a certificate. Additionally, you can click on a different link to start a new search.

In order to search existing company names to determine whether your desired name is available, click on “search by entity name” and put in the name you wish to use for your LLC within the “name” box. Don't include any punctuation or the ending of “LLC.” Capitalization doesn't impact the search. Use “begins with” for your search type. 

For a more thorough search, include just the first few words of the desired LLC name. This ensures that you will see any results that could be similar to what you want to name your business. For example, if you want to name your LLC “James Apple Farm LLC,” include the words “James” and “apple.” To perform a more thorough search, enter just part of the first word. For example, if the name you want is “Printing Services LLC,” perform a search for “print.”

You can also view more items per page by changing the “display number of items to view” setting. From there, click to search and look through the list of businesses that are registered to operate in Massachusetts. If a message appears stating that no records have been found, the name you desire for your LLC is unique and can be used. If the name you want to use for your LLC is distinguishable, or any results that come up are not too similar, you can use it.

However, if an exact match to the name you want shows up in the results, you will have to think of a different LLC name. In your search, if you find a business name that is deceptively or confusingly similar to what you want to name your LLC, you will have to come up with a different name or a creative variation that is more unique.

Searching by Individual Name

When searching the business entity database, you search the name of someone associated with the business entity, such as a director or officer. The process is nearly identical to how you search for a business name.

Start by visiting the search page and checking the box next to the subheading of “search by individual name.” Put in the full legal name of the individual. From there, you can choose the search type and mark the box next to “corporations” to get the results you want. Upon clicking the search button, you will see a list of search results that contain the name you entered. Click on the business entity hyperlink to view more information about the entity.

This page includes information about the business, such as:

  • A list of all filings
  • Certificate request form

You can also navigate from this page to start a new business search. 

Searching by Identification Number or Filing Number

Another option on the database is to search by filing number or identification number. Navigate to the same search page that you would use for other types of searches. From here, you can check the box next to “filing number” or “identification number,” depending on which number you have. You can then perform a search after you enter the number into the box.

One difference in this search method is that you won't receive a list of results. Instead, you will be taken immediately to the associated business entity's information page. On this page, you can view any business filings, request a copy of the certificate, or start a new search.

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