We Are Often Asked...What Do We Believe?

We believe that our system of government, a Constitutional Republic, is the finest yet developed by man.

We believe that the laissez-faire free market system provides the widest opportunity and highest standard of living for all.

We believe in the rights of the individual. The Society welcomes and enjoys the participation of members from every walk of life and all ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds. Our common bond is a love for our heritage of liberty and a rejection of totalitarianism in any of its forms.

What Do We Do?

We initiate letter-writing, literature-distribution, and petition campaigns.

We offer an impressive array of authoritative speakers who make hundreds of appearances annually before public audiences.

We operate a series of summer camps for young people to develop their understanding of their heritage.

We organize seminars and briefings to present the Americanist perspective on issues of importance to business and professional leaders.

We distribute our own and other worthwhile book titles through our nationwide chain of bookstores.

We direct networks of local ad hoc committees that enable members and nonmembers to work together on specific issues, e.g., reducing taxes and government spending, and stopping foreign aid.

Our research department services authors, journalists, scholars, businessmen, and politicians from a variety of unique resources.

Our affiliated corporations publish important and timely books and The New American, a biweekly magazine.

Are We Effective?

Political analysts have credited the defeat of incumbents who consistently advocate more government to the educational efforts of our members.

Where we have publicized the voting records, there has often been a measurable improvement.

Pro-world government initiatives such as the Declaration of INTERdependence have been repudiated.

Domestic terrorists have been exposed and stopped by our efforts.

The federal Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, a major step toward federalizing police power, was abolished.

Dangerous pieces of legislation that would have eroded God-given rights protected by the Constitution have been rebuffed.

But, our most important success has been the creation of a broad base of understanding among the American people.

How Are We Unique?

Members are organized in a nationwide network of local chapters to implement agenda items outlined in our monthly bulletin. This concerted action, focused on key issues, makes an impact greater than our numbers might otherwise create.

Members have a unique advantage and added tool of a professional field staff, working at the local level, providing guidance and assistance in every aspect of the Society's programs.

The John Birch Society's whole purpose is to awaken and inform our fellow Americans and to stimulate the action necessary to preserve our precious heritage. We possess the essential ingredients for success: organized effort and a proven methodology to stop collectivist programs.

We invite your participation in our efforts to build a future in which the principles of limited government, economic freedom, traditional values, and individual responsibility can be restored.

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The John Birch Society
Department C
Appleton, WI 54913-8040

Basic Principles and Beliefs of the John Birch Society

We believe in:

  • Limited democracy under a Constitutional Republic with a "Bill of Rights" to protect the minority from the majority
  • Government of "law" - Constitutional Republic
  • Individual freedom
  • Individual responsibility
  • Voluntary charity
  • Patriotism to national sovereignty - Americanism

We oppose:

  • Pure Democracy (mob rule)
  • Totalitarianism (total government)
  • Anarchy (no government)
  • Government of "men" - Monarchy, Oligarchy, and Democracy
  • Group compulsion
  • Group responsibility
  • Forced welfare
  • Destruction of national sovereignty - One World Government

We believe in:

  • Private ownership and control of property
  • Free enterprise, capitalism, and competition
  • Government's sole function - "To protect"

We oppose:

  • Government ownership or control of property
  • Socialism, communism, and collectivism
  • Government's function - "To provide"

We believe in:

  • The family as the basic unit of society
  • Free association of people
  • Humanitarianism through surplus of capital in a free society

We oppose:

  • Basic unit of society is the "State"
  • Forced association of people
  • Humanitarianism through "legal plunder" by the government in a welfare state/collective society

We believe in:

  • Judeo-Christian ethics
  • Morality based on the "Ten Commandments" and the "Golden Rule"
  • God as the source of "Rights"

We oppose:

  • Situation ethics - no God
  • Humanism - no absolutes
  • Absence of morality
  • Government as the source of "Rights"

We Believe in Individualism and Morality

"Less government, more individual responsibility and, with God's help, a better world."

We Oppose Collectivism and Amorality

"More government, less individual responsibility, and a completely amoral world."