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The Mountain View area business lawyers on UpCounsel are help local business owners from companies of all sizes with a full complement of legal business services. At UpCounsel, it is our goal is to be the first place for startups, small business owners, and executives of large companies to turn to when they have legal questions and issues. Our highly qualified group of Mountain View business attorneys handle any legal issue with efficiency and keep it affordable. Our business lawyers have handled all manner of investor finance agreements, business sales, acquisitions, and dissolutions, business entity formation, as well as employee stock option agreements, intellectual property questions, and more. Our team can also handle mediation, disputes, and lawsuits when necessary, including those related to copyright, trademark, and trade-secret issues.

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"As a business owner in Mountain View, I know the value of good legal help and I was lucky to find just the support I needed with the lawyers on UpCounsel."

Yani I.

"It’s been my great pleasure to work with the business attorneys on UpCounsel - my Mountain View business is running far more smoothly than I ever thought it could."

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Services Offered

Business & Corporate Law

The Mountain View-based business lawyers on UpCounsel help business owners and startup entrepreneurs by acting as outsourced general counsel and legal advisors. Our team has helped business clients with the preparation of bylaws, drafting of partnership agreements and LLCs, as well as a range of legal matters including litigation, mediation and arbitration.  As essential components of any business’ advisory board, the attorneys on UpCounsel ensure that a business owner’s legal concerns are handled so they can focus on running and growing their business. They have drafted membership, purchase, affiliate, franchise, service, production, joint venture, and licensing agreements and negotiated contracts. They have supported Mountain View business owners by drafting employment, shareholder, founder equity, partnership, and executive compensation agreements; security agreements, promissory notes, and purchase agreements; business registration, licensing, and permits; as well as drafting the terms and conditions and privacy policies for their Internet sites. They have advised clients on confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements as well as on their rights and responsibilities under franchise agreements. They have even helped sell, acquire and dissolve companies. Our business lawyers help entrepreneurs and business owners in the Mountain View, California 94035, 94039, 94040, 94041, 94042, 94043, 94553 zip codes.

Intellectual Property Law

With a century of legal experience, our team of professionals has the education, skills and experience a Mountain View business owner needs to handle any type of intellectual property issue in every industry. Intellectual property disputes can have national and international consequences for a business and the Mountain View area lawyers on UpCounsel have assisted clients will all manner of intellectual property matters including the drafting and filing of patent agreements, trademark registration and even litigating infringement cases, patent prosecution, and other intellectual property matters. Intellectual property law grows more complex every year and it affects the electronics, consumer products, technology, entertainment, manufacturing, and science industries the hardest. Many of our legal professional also retain degrees in engineering and/or science, so they are in a unique position for understanding the technology behind the products and services as well as how to apply legal protections to those new technologies to protect their clients.

Employment Law

With dozens of new workplace regulations defined every year and concerns about employee lawsuits, the field of employment law remains complex and prone to significant and dynamic changes. The legal pros on UpCounsel are skilled at all manner of employment law issues from negotiating labor relations, to managing discrimination claims, to developing employee benefits and compensation packages that not only attract but also retain the best talent you need for your business’ success. In this environment, it’s important for business owners to design legal protections for themselves and their employees to reduce the risk of discrimination, unfair practices, and other lawsuits. Our legal team draws upon decades of experience in employee law as well as the resources of other practiced attorneys in the firm to deliver comprehensive solutions and strategies for employment for their clients and business owners. Our experienced business lawyers know what it takes to draft, implement, and support compensation and benefits programs for business owners, executives and employees of publicly and privately held companies.

Business Litigation & Mediation

When you find yourself in pre-lawsuit negotiations, it’s important not to waste any time you have but to get skilled and experienced legal support on your side right from the start. The qualified business lawyers on UpCounsel deliver experienced, pragmatic, and all around useful legal advice in situations when business owners find themselves deep in a corporate dispute, ordered into mediation, or threatened with a business lawsuit. While some industries seem fraught with disputes, litigation, and legal turmoil, it doesn’t have to be a daily part of your business practice. The business lawyers on UpCounsel can handle all manner of legal issues quickly and cost-effectively so you can get back to doing business and growing business profits instead. Our Mountain View area business lawyers have well over a century of experience combined with skills in handling complicated business transactions, defending patents and intellectual property, fighting business litigation, and more.

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