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Fairfield area business owners learned long ago that the UpCounsel business lawyers are some of the best legal support they can hire for help with the setup, operation, and running of their businesses - no matter how big or small. It is their intent to be the first and best place for startup owners, business owners, and executives of large corporations to come and get the legal support they need at a price that’s cost-effective. No matter whether you’ve been in business for years or are just getting started, the attorneys of Fairfield on UpCounsel can help with any legal concerns you have. Our business lawyers are experienced at handling all types of business formation, financing, sales, acquisitions, and dissolution concerns as well as managing intellectual property disputes, copyright, trademark, and patent infringement problems and more.

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"Each time I contact on of the Fairfield business lawyers on UpCounsel, I’ve had a great and profitable experience."

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"My small business has been made possible by the help of the experienced business lawyers on UpCounsel - best decision I ever made!"

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Services Offered

Business & Corporate Law

Business owners regularly need legal advice in order to successfully grow their businesses, and the Fairfield area business lawyers on UpCounsel know what it takes to be effective, outsourced legal counsel without getting in the way of your business  goals. All businesses need legal support, but in-house general counsel isn’t practical for most. The business attorneys on UpCounsel have helped Fairfield area small business owners, startup entrepreneurs, and corporate executives set up and run their businesses successfully. Our business lawyers work with Fairfield business owners, taking the time to understand their business and their legal needs, then acting as an outsourced member of the business advisory team. Our lawyers help clients form business, draft LLCs, create partnerships, and develop franchises. Some of the legal issues our business attorneys have handled for Fairfield business owners include contract negotiation, shareholder strategies, employee equity and compensation agreements, licensing agreements,  lease draft terms, website privacy policies, and much more. What business owners need today are lean and agile business lawyers and the Fairfield lawyers fit that need in zip codes 94533.

Intellectual Property Law

The global marketplace has but many business owners’ intellectual property at risk and  intellectual property law has become increasingly complex on the national and international stage. Clients of small and large companies in virtually every sector of technology, electronics, science, consumer electronics, entertainment and manufacturing industries need protection of their intellectual property. The Fairfield lawyers on UpCounsel assist their clients with a full spectrum of intellectual property legal services and focus on patent, trademark and copyright issues, patent and trademark infringement cases, transactions and Internet matters. With many decades of experience, our team of legal experts is sure to have the skills and experience the business owner needs for a wide variety of intellectual property matters, including the protection of patents. In addition to their legal training and education, many of the lawyers on UpCounsel hold degrees in science and engineering, enabling them to quickly understand the intellectual property protections a business owner needs and develop a comprehensive legal protection package.

Employment Law

The lawyers on UpCounsel regularly deliver timely and useful employment law advice and solutions to prevent and resolve employment disputes, discrimination claims, and even litigation. The environment of employment law is increasingly complex and involves a wide range of workplace regulations. Business owners across California need useful strategies that result in productive business outcomes. When labor relations are involved, the employment law gets even more complex. When pension and compensation packages are found to be a source of conflict, the business lawyers on UpCounsel will work to define programs that ensure you can attract the best talent and keep that talent happy while working for your business. The multidisciplinary team on UpCounsel draws upon not only decades of their own experience in employee benefits but also the resources of other attorneys throughout the firm to formulate comprehensive solutions and strategies.

Business Litigation & Mediation

Not all business’ litigation disputes can be avoided, but in many cases business owners can minimize the effect they have on the business using the pragmatic advice of an experience business law expert. In particular industries, when the cards seem to be stacked against the business owner, the advice of a business lawyer is critical to setting up a business practices and ensuring disputes and litigation are limited. An UpCounsel business lawyer will advise you when you need support but otherwise stay out of the way so you can run your business. When you are faced with a mediation request or business lawsuit, however, it’s important to  have the right legal help on your side - right from the start. Our Fairfield business lawyers deliver over 100 years’ experience in managing business transactions, fighting business litigation, and the proper setup and operability of a successful business.

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