1. Interesting Patents
2. Devices and Methods for Transferring Data Through a Human Body
3. Infectious Disease Detection
4. Foreclosure Prevention & Protection
5. Recyclable Cardboard Bicycle
6. Personalizing Appliance User Interface
7. Self-Healing Power Grid
8. Human-Machine Collaborative Robotic Systems
9. Apparatus and Method for Sharing User’s Emotions
10. Touch Discrimination
11. Targeting Customers Who Invite Other Customers to a Business

Interesting Patents

There are many interesting patents out there, some of which have gained notoriety either for their benefits or just for being among the most popular. Below are ten interesting patents that have been protected from 2013 and on.

Devices and Methods for Transferring Data Through a Human Body

  • Filed by AT&T Intellectual Property
  • Method for sending data signals between devices when a physical connection is made between both devices through a human body.
  • This is done using bone and skin conduction of the signal.

Infectious Disease Detection

  • This was filed by The Boeing Company of Chicago to protect an invention that can identify whether or not a disease is present in any area of an airport.

  • Once it is detected, the level of that disease is determined and mitigated. It can be used to detect diseases like Ebola, influenza, tuberculosis, and other diseases that are bacterial or viral.

Foreclosure Prevention & Protection

  • Bank of America obtained this patent in November 2013 to protect against those who have failed to pay their mortgage.
  • Generally, when a party fails to pay his or her mortgage, the property will go into foreclosure. Once this process begins, other banks can obtain such information and after that purchase the mortgage and potentially speed up the foreclosure process.
  • This system prevents other mortgage holders from obtaining personal information on such non-payments. However, this system will only protect those who fail to pay due to one or more of the following circumstances: medical issues, accidental death, involuntary unemployment, etc.

Recyclable Cardboard Bicycle

  • This was patented by an Israeli inventor by the name of Izhar Gafni.
  • This bicycle is not only durable, but it supports up to 200 kg of weight.
  • It is constructed of only recyclable cardboard.
  • If the bicycle breaks, it can be re-created to form a new bike using the same manufacturing process.
  • The bicycle weighs only 15.5 pounds.

Personalizing Appliance User Interface

This was patented by Whirlpool Corporation and is a system that controls any appliance through an interface, with individualized data that is analyzed through a camera.

Self-Healing Power Grid

  • General Electric obtained this patent in 2013 to protect a self-healing power grid that can prevent malfunctions from causing major grid outages.
  • It is essentially a grid monitoring system that can judge the rate of the various components that make up the grid itself.
  • Since the grid measures the probability and likelihood of any single component breaking down and creating a large grid problem, then monitoring system can ‘heal’ any potential operating issues, which in turn prevents a much larger grid problem from occurring.

Human-Machine Collaborative Robotic Systems

  • The John Hopkins University filed this patent to protect a system that incorporates human input into robotic machinery.
  • Surgical robots have improved over the years and become more complex as research has expanded. This invention would help robotic systems collaborate better with humans.

Apparatus and Method for Sharing User’s Emotions

  • Samsung Electronics patented this invention in 2013.
  • It is a system that reduces negative responses to social network posts by measuring any given user’s emotional state by determining the user’s past actions and posts on social networking sites.
  • The system itself can actually increase positive response rates.

Touch Discrimination

  • Microsoft Corporation obtained this patent in April 2013.
  • Touch discrimination is a type of touchscreen technology that provides several possibilities for touchscreen computing in the future.
  • The patent itself protects a system that can process touch inputs from many users who are surrounding one touchscreen.
  • Such touch discrimination can be used by retail businesses in the future to better collaborate with their customers.

Targeting Customers Who Invite Other Customers to a Business

  • Google Inc. received this patent in March 2013.
  • This system can identify someone’s contacts that are on their device if the device owner logged into a social networking site in a business establishment. Thereafter, if one of those contacts visits the same business establishment within a specified time period, that business can send a message to that user, i.e., a coupon.

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