1. Idaho Secretary of State Business Search
2. Guidelines in Choosing a Name for the LLC
3. Business Search by Name
4. Searching Business by City
5. Searching by Organizational ID or Filing Number
6. Searching by Registered Agent
7. Searching by Date of Organization/Authorization

If you need to conduct an Idaho Secretary of State business search to choose a name for your business or check on the name of an existing business, their official website can help. This search tool can also help you conduct important administrative functions for your business. A business entity search can locate certain details about a business including:

  • If it has been formed legally
  • Its standing
  • Its address
  • The address of its registered agent

You can use this website to get a Certificate of Good Standing for your business. You can search for a business by name, location, filing or ID number, or name of registered agent. When you're forming an Idaho LLC, you should first check this website for your desired name to make sure it isn't already in use.

The state's Access Idaho site lets you check for documents filed by registered businesses in the state. You can find:

Reach the Business Entity Division of the Idaho Secretary of State via phone at 208-334-2301 or via email at business@sos.idaho.gov. They are open between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. local time. 

Guidelines in Choosing a Name for the LLC

You must follow specific naming guidelines to choose an appropriate name for your LLC. First, search possible names on the Idaho Secretary of State website. You must choose a name that is different from that of other Idaho businesses. Grammatical and designator differences alone do not meet this guideline. Check if the names you're considering are available as a URL. When you decide on a final name, buy the domain name so no one else can claim it. You'll also need to sign up for an email address. When you establish an LLC, you have to add either L.L.C. or LLC to the official name. You cannot use the words "Incorporated," "Inc.," "Corporation," or "Corp."

Business Search by Name

Research the availability of the name you want for your LLC by searching the Idaho Secretary of State website by entity name. Type the name into the correct field in the Business Search tool and click continue. You'll receive a list of related businesses on the next screen. If you don't see a business with the same name that you want to use, you're in the clear.

First, visit the Business Entity Search page on Access Idaho. When searching for a name:

  • Do not use LLC or other endings
  • Do not use punctuation
  • Just enter one or two keywords to find all similar names
  • Leave all other boxes blank

If you find a name that is similar to, or exactly the same as, the one you want to use, you'll need to come up with a new name. 

Searching Business by City

To search for all businesses in a specific city, type the city where the main office is located in the search box. The more information you provide, the more specific your search results will be. When you press enter, you'll receive a list of all businesses in the city you searched for refined by the other criteria you entered. You can click on any of the companies on the list to access more specific information. This will also provide the organization's ID number, which you can save for future reference.

Searching by Organizational ID or Filing Number

This type of search will provide the most specific results possible. When you have a company's filing number, simply search by that number to access detailed company information, including a filing history. 

Searching by Registered Agent

If you know the name of the company's registered agent or his or her address, you can use that data to search for detailed company information.

Searching by Date of Organization/Authorization

On the Idaho Secretary of State website, you can also search by the date of organization for a business, or the date on which a foreign company received authorization to do business in the state. Simply enter the date in question to receive a list of all businesses who were incorporated or authorized on that date. Click on the one you're interested in to access detailed information.

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