1. Roseville CA Business License
2. Information for Chicago Businesses
3. Getting a Chicago Business License
4. Kentucky Business License

How much is a business license? This question depends on the type of business license, industry, location, and other factors. When you start a business, you'll need to register with the federal, state, and local governments before applying for a business license. These are issued by the Small Business Center and cover diverse industries.

Roseville CA Business License

Businesses that operate within the Roseville city limits must pay for an annual business license. This is required even if your business location is outside the city. Home-based businesses, independent contractors, non-profit businesses, and building contractors must all have a business license.

Your Roseville business license is good for one year and must be renewed each January. Although you will receive a renewal notice, you are responsible for submitting your renewal on time.

The fee varies depending on the size and type of business you have, ranging from $15 to $150. Fees must be paid by February 1 each year.

If you do business in Roseville without a license, you may be cited or fined. That's because the revenue from these licenses pays for community services, including fire, police, and roads. Delinquent accounts are subject to penalties of 10 percent per month up to 60 percent of the total license fee.

For more information, call the city's licensing division at 916-774-5310.

Information for Chicago Businesses

To get a license for your business to operate in Chicago, you can either visit the city's Small Business Center to speak with a consultant or you can apply over the phone. If you opt to apply in person, call 312-74-GOBIZ to make an appointment, which will reduce your wait time. The consultants can help you start or expand your business as well as answer other questions about your business license.

Services that can be completed in person include:

  • Learning about start-up and expansion options for your business
  • Applying for and renewing business licenses
  • Obtaining public use applications and permits
  • Asking for zoning information
  • Getting guidance about general Chicago business processes
  • Scheduling license inspections and reinspections

Services that can be completed over the phone include:

  • Scheduling appointments to meet with a zoning reviewer, business consultant, or health sanitarian
  • Resolving issues with taxes, parking tickets, and business license account holds
  • Receiving license application and inspection status
  • Choosing or resetting a PIN for your online business account with the city
  • Learning about available business workshops

Getting a Chicago Business License

If you're applying in person, you'll need to complete the business information sheet pre-application. This requires information about the name and legal structure of your business, your address and square footage of the business location, a detailed description of the business operation and activities, valid ID from all the applicants, file number with the state of Illinois if applicable, state revenue department file number if applicable, and federal employer identification number if applicable.

You might be asked to provide additional documents depending on your business type. Some applications require a criminal background check and fingerprinting for every member, officer, owner, or more than 25 percent shareholder. The fee associated with this service is $40 per person. You must get a separate business license for each Chicago business location.

Your business must undergo a zoning review to ensure that your business activity is permitted at your business location. You can view this information in advance by using the online zoning map.

Some types of businesses must receive an inspection from specific city departments before a license will be issued. You can learn more from the Chicago Business Licenses Guide.

Kentucky Business License

If you're starting or growing a business in Kentucky, the state's OneStop Business Portal will be your main resource. This official government portal contains links to all the state's important business information.

You can also receive small business assistance from the state's Cabinet for Economic Development. The small business section contains entrepreneurship information including details about business incentives, innovation, financial programs, and a database for government contracts.

Learn more about how to start, finance, and grow your business from the state's Small Business Development Center. They offer confidential business counseling and free training both online and at more than 12 regional offices.

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