1. Trademark Costs Explained
2. What does all this mean?

Trademark Costs Explained

A common question many attorneys get is: "how much does it cost to trademark a name?”

The first step to calculating what a trademark costs is going to be how much you are willing to pay an attorney to research if a similar trademark already exists or not? Because it takes time to properly research any existing or similar trademarks that may exist, if not, you may be wasting your time and money filing a trademark for something that has already been filed.

After factoring this cost, the Trademark Office will charge a government-filing fee of at least $225, if not more, depending on how many classes of goods/services are listed in the application. Each individual class of goods or services you file for means that the cost of the trademark will increase by at least $225.

What does all this mean?

The more complex your trademark application is, the higher the cost it will be for your trademark. Additionally, trademark fees change with a difference in paper versus electronic application. The cost of trademarking a name is substantially less in state court, but the benefits derived from federal registration are far greater.

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