What is a DBA and how much does a DBA cost in Utah? A DBA lets you do business in Utah under a name other than your personal one. It's required by most states including Utah when you want to run a business with a name other than your legal name.

DBA Cost Examples in Utah

  • Auto Repair business first-time fee of $115.00 and renewal for $85.00.
  • Bank business first-time fee of $140.00 and renewal for $110.00.
  • Bar business first-time fee of $162.00 and renewal for $132.00.
  • Contractor business first-time fee of $85.00 and renewal for $55.00.
  • Convenience store business first-time fee of $352.00 and renewal for $322.00.
  • Eating establishment business first-time fee of $108.00 and renewal for $78.00.
  • Light manufacture or repair business first-time fee of $91.00 and renewal for $61.00.
  • Motel business first-time fee of $169.00 and renewal for $139.00.
  • Office business first-time fee of $119.00 and renewal for $89.00.
  • Services business first-time fee of $98.00 and renewal for $68.00.
  • Storage business first-time fee of $114.00 and renewal for $84.00.

How to File a DBA in Utah

Get a copy of a DBA application form: Utah lets you form a sole proprietorship with your name or a trade name. Head to the Utah Division of Corporations & Commercial Code and the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office to know if the name is taken. You can get a copy of the DBA application from the Division of Corporations or online through the Utah One Stop service.

Make sure to fill out the DBA form with your business name, location, purpose and entity number, along with name and address of agent, signature, and name of the person who will use the DBA.

Send the DBA form by mail, fax or in person once it's filled out and have it notarized if needed. Make sure to keep a copy of your form for your records.

Utah DBA State Regulations

Everyone doing business with an assumed name (DBA: "Doing Business As") have to register with the Department of Commerce. If the business is registered under the owner's legal name, it doesn't have to register the DBA. For example, John Doe has to register but John Doe's Shop doesn't have to register. There are certain jobs or professions that have to be licensed by the state. You can contact the Utah State Tax Commission located in 210 North 1950 West, Utah 84134, (801) 297-2200 or (801) 662-4335.

Business Structure Options in Utah for Sole Owners

A sole proprietorship is the easiest business structure but does have liability as the owner takes responsibility for the end result. It's recommended to register a DBA, and if you want to hire employees, get an EIN.

A limited liability company protects its owners by limiting the liability to the business and not their personal assets. This type of business is recommended for small businesses. You have to file the LLC in your tax return as an S-Corp or C-Corp.

A corporation can be formed even if you're the only shareholder, though it has more steps than the LLC. This business organization is better for bigger businesses or those who want a big investment. A corporation can be taxed as an S or C-Corp.

Business Structure Options in Utah for Partnerships

A general partnership doesn't require registration with the Utah Department of Commerce; therefore, it doesn't protect the owners from liability in their business. A General Partnership has to register a DBA and get an EIN.

A multiple member LLC is frequently recommended for small and recent businesses with more than one business partner.

Since a corporation can have many shareholders, and the change of owners is easy, a corporation might be a good choice of business type for a business with many partners. S Corporations have a limitation to about 100 shareholders who must physically live in the U.S. So businesses owned by non-U.S. persons or legal entities, can't be elected as S-Corp, and are subject to double taxation of a C-Corp. In these instances, it's recommended opening an LLC.

Limited partnerships are different depending on the state from LP to LLP. These kinds of businesses have their own uniqueness, and an LLC is sufficient for most business owners.

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