GA Secretary of State LLC renewal is important for keeping your LLC legal. In Georgia, a registered LLC must pay a sum of $50 as a registration fee every year. Note that while you can submit your LLC’s yearly registration fee online or by mail, the state rather that you submit it online because online submissions are faster.

Together with your $50 payment, you have the option of updating the LLC’s new contact information, which includes the principal office’s address and information about the Registered Agent.


Every January, the state will send you a reminder. If you have not received a reminder, it is still your obligation to pay the registration fee.

Due Date

The filing period is from January 1st to April 1st during a given year.


If filing later than April 1st, then the state can assess you a $25 fee. Ignoring this requirement may result in the state dissolving your LLC.

The registration fee is $50. If you find that the amount exceeds $50, such a total reflects any money owed from prior years, plus any late fees.

You will need to submit the annual registration form with a check or money order. Processing requirements are that checks must be pre-printed, including the address, to be accepted by the state offices. The state will not accept counter or starter checks. Failure to follow these rules may result in the delay or possible rejection of your submission.

For business owners, a check that is dishonored by the bank is usually subject to a $30 charge. If filing by mail, a submission of a printed Annual Registration form is required.

OverdueUpdating Information

When updating information, typically your LLC’s Office Address and its Registered Agent, follow this guidance:

1. Go to the state website.

2. Once there, click on “Express Annual Registration with Changes” button.

3. When available, enter your LLC’s information in the box and hit “Search Business.”

4. Locate your LLC on the list and click on it, then click on “Continue.”

5. Changes to the Registered Agent: see below for more details. (If not, you should skip to step #6).

To edit the current Registered Agent information:

Click on the “pencil” icon for changes.

To remove the previous Registered Agent information and provide a different one:

  • Click on the “trash can” icon, which will remove the current name of the Registered Agent.
  • If the Registered Agent that is your replacement is a person, click “Create Registered Agent” tab and enter their relevant information followed by clicking on save. If you find a “Create Registered Agent” button to be gray, enter a name into the “Registered Agent Name” area and search. Close the window that follows, and the “Create Registered Agent” tab will be ready for a click.
  • If you are using a corporation as the Registered Agent, enter the corporate’s information in the “Registered Agent Name” area and hit the “Search” icon. This will trigger a popup. Locate your Registered Agent and hit the “Select” button, which is on the right. Push on “OK,” which will save it.
  • Do not be concerned if your Registered Agent is listed numerous times Simply select one with the right address.

6. For a change to the Principal Office Address: To change the Principal Office Address, do it on this page.

7. Check the box that you agree to the conditions, then enter your name in the “Authorizer Name” area and the “Authorizer Title” list, then, if you are an LLC owner, select “Member.” Select another title if Member does not apply.

8. For the review page: make sure to review the information for typos. If you must make changes, push the “Back” button. When ready, push “File Annual Registration” tab.

9. Payment: Click on the “Click to Pay” button.

10. Provide your current information for billing purposes and press the “Pay with Your Credit Card” tab.


Note that if you owe fees from previous years, you cannot utilize these avenues to pay your fees.

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