GA LLC annual registration is the $50 fee to file a Georgia limited liability company's required annual report. The initial cost to register a business in Georgia is $100. The annual report can be conveniently filed online or if you prefer, through the mail. When you file the annual report, you can also make necessary updates to the LLC's registered agent or contact information.

The annual report must be filed between January 1 and April 1 each year. Late filings are subject to an additional $25 fee and can eventually lead to the dissolution of your LLC. You'll receive a reminder from the state each January. Anyone with authority from the LLC can file the annual report. 

How to File Annual Registration

If your LLC's information doesn't need to be updated, these are the steps to file your annual registration.

  1. Visit the state's e-filing website
  2. Select the option for one-click annual registration.
  3. Enter the name of your LLC in the box and click search.
  4. Select the link for your business and click continue.
  5. Agree to the terms by clicking the checkbox.
  6. Enter your full name as the authorizer and select your title from the pull-down menu.
  7. Pay with your credit card.
  8. Download your receipt, which you'll also receive via email.

If you need to make updates, visit the same website, but select the option for express registration with changes. Search for your business and then follow the prompts to update your office address if it has changed. Then follow the steps to digitally sign your registration and pay the filing fee. 

If you also need to change the information for your existing registered agent, do so by clicking on the pencil icon. To add a new registered agent, click the trashcan icon to remove the previous agent. Enter the name of the registered agent if he or she is an individual or search for the company name if you are using a commercial registered agent. If it is the latter, be sure to choose the correct address.

Filing a Late Annual Registration

If you haven't yet filed your LLC's annual registration and it's past April 1, log into your online account and click the File Annual Registration. Pay the amount due by following the instructions in the section above.

If you have questions about annual registration for your Georgia LLC, contact the Georgia Secretary of State at 404-656-2817 from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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