1. The Presentation
2. Floral Business
3. Post Contract Phase

A floral design services contract is an agreement between a floral vendor and client. The contract should be drafted by a lawyer and is for floral designers when booking a client under a floral design service contract. Designing floral arrangements for a wedding may be intimidating, but there are ways to get the best deal that will suit your interests. There is a variety of moving parts involved when it comes to contract provisions:


2.Travel mandates



5.Design changes

There are plenty of expectations and stress levels as well. When it comes to celebrations, weddings should be treated with care, and the contracts must be legally sound to protect yourself. This means that legal protections pertaining to floral design are not negotiable. Regardless of if you’re a beginner or expert, you should ensure that you craft a sound legal contract. The consultation with couples and outlining the expectations are also crucial factors.

The Presentation

Flower proposals comprise a detailed itemized list or description of all lists, including rental items. The florist will use all factors to usher floral visions. In its final incarnation, a proposal should be comprehensive and detailed. When it comes to a comprehensive list arrangement, you’ll also find all flowers and rental items. You should also include other factors, such as:


2.Chair covers


You should also take note of pricing information, contract policy, and florist plans.

During the initial consultation phase, you’ll talk about what you’re searching for based on the style and budget you have in mind. To map out a cohesive vision, think of such factors as:


2.Your favorite flowers


This should also include arrangement types, including the décor and arrangement of where the client wants the florist to work. Clients should also bring such things as:

1.Inspiration boards

2.Photos of the dress

3.Bridesmaid dress

4.Swatches of linens

This will help the florist know what’s expected. Before placing a deposit or signing an agreement, the client would meet again with the florist that suits your needs best, and that person will establish a proposal based on what was discussed in first meetings. Clients should also retain contact info of the florist. You should also establish such factors as locations, times, and date of the reception and ceremony.

Floral Business

Depending on the nature of your wedding business, you should give a client the proper proposal after a meeting. This is a chance for clients to review all information you would be proposing, and for you to sell them on what you can offer. Such a proposal may get more detailed or customized as you’d like. In addition, you also have some alternatives at your disposal. The primary duty of a job proposal is to summarize some findings from the consultation services you provide. You should also describe how you can service the potential client and strive to meet their needs in any way you can.

This is also an opportunity for two parties to concur on the work being conducted before working through a contract. This comprises the selling portion, so you must ensure that you impress the client with your presentation. Moreover, the potential customer should show the florist any models or sketches that will enhance the wedding experience.

Post Contract Phase

After an agreement is drafted, send it to the client. Keep in mind that a contract is a legally binding document, which is why you should include all details that were discussed in the meetings. The agreement will define all legal boundaries, including how the parties will work in unison. In addition, state what services you will perform for the client, including the time frame.

Remember that the proposal is a mere selling tool, while the agreement is the legal tool. There may also be a hybrid. If you sell a service or product that’s not very detailed, or will not be involved during the creative process, you would only use a simple agreement. Caterers and planners refer to this as a BEO, otherwise called a banquet event order. This agreement would be given to the client to review all the details and sign accordingly.

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