1. Employee Evaluation Template
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3. Annual Manager Evaluation Form
4. Group Evaluation Form
5. Professional Development Plan Template
6. Introductory Period Performance Review Template
7. Upward Feedback Template
8. Peer Review Template
9. Conduct Performance Reviews Using Smartsheet
10. Qualitative Performance Review

Employee Evaluation Template

An employee evaluation template is helpful in a performance review. Performance reviews can help motivate employees and provide feedback in a structured and productive way. It is an investment in a company's employees that pays off because it helps operations run smoothly. Performance reviews give insights into an employees' goals, and how they align with the company. It facilitates communication and makes objectives and requirements clear to employees. They also help to build good relationships between management and employees by offering constructiave feedback and providing information about pay changes and promotions.

Some companies do annual reviews that are more formal, and some others do them more frequently. Monthly reviews may be more informal and have the benefit of putting employees at ease. They promote a culture of feedback and helps to keep management informed, address issues as they arise, and foster positive relationships. An employee's past work availability, vacation time, and personal or sick leave are all things to consider when conducting a performance review process.


There are templates available that ask for standard information in an employee performance review. You can modify it to fit your needs, but the outline of a review is more or less universal. You can list the employee's qualities and skills, their evaluation of managers, a rating system, and an open section for your own written notes and comments. You may want to write down an employee's goals and accomplishments so that you have something to refer to in the future. For new hires, the training template can be used to create a plan for their career. For current employees, this can be used when moving them into new roles.

Annual Manager Evaluation Form

The manager evaluation form asks you to assess management's skills and past performance. There is a rating system to synthesize the information and space for your own notes and comments.

Group Evaluation Form

You can also review the performance of groups by evaluating individuals and then synthesize the information into a group rating. The information can also be used in individual employee's performance reviews.

Professional Development Plan Template

A professional development plan outlines an employee's goals. The Professional Development Plan Template includes sections for any training or further education, action steps, support required to achieve short-term and long-term goals, and a timeline.

Introductory Period Performance Review Template

The introductory period performance review template can be used upon or soon after hiring to assess whether the new employee is a good fit for the company and their role. It offers a rating scale and space to detail goals and a plan for achieving them. This can support a new employee in their efforts to move up or change roles.

Upward Feedback Template

Giving upward feedback to an employee can boost their job satisfaction because it gives an employee the chance to provide meaningful feedback to a supervisor. The upward feedback template can help develop leadership and identify the strengths and weaknesses of management from the employee's point of view.

Peer Review Template

Companies that want 360-degree feedback can use the peer review template to evaluate an employee from their peer's point of view. There is a rating scale for simple, quantitative performance, and a notes section for qualitative assessment of competencies and deficiencies.

Conduct Performance Reviews Using Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a cloud-based work management tool. It has an easy to use spreadsheet layout so you can organize information about an employee's performance. There is an Employee Objectives and Performance Review template for past performance history, progress, and future goals. It can be used for feedback, to organize relevant email correspondences and to explain quantitative rating scale outcomes. Smartsheets can be shared in the cloud while still protecting whatever data you choose to block out from the sheet.

Qualitative Performance Review

Managers can provide qualitative feedback to their employees using the Qualitative Performance Review template. It allows supervisors to write down open-ended feedback about all aspects of their employee's performance, future goals, and short-comings. The template can be tailored to a company's needs and is in Smartsheet. It can be done collaboratively using Smartsheet or shared with others.

Whether you are just starting to do formal performance reviews or looking for a better way to do them, these templates can help. They can provide ideas for questions, structure, and for evaluating management. Feedback increases the quality of job performance and makes employees feel valued. It is an important communication tool for maintaining an efficient and positive work environment.

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