1. Types of Easy Startups
2. Other Easy Startups to Consider

Easy startups are businesses that can be started inexpensively, do not require specialized skills, and are operated as a home-based entity. Depending on the business, if you already have equipment available, the startup cost can be zero.

Types of Easy Startups


A pet sitting business provides services to pet owners such as dog walking during the day while the owner is at work, feeding and walking while the family is on vacation, and checking in on the pets just to make sure they're okay or to take them out for a short play time. The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters notes that in-home pet care and services is a fast-growing industry in North America.

Certification and special training is not currently a requirement, but this may change. Pet sitters should be bonded and insured before taking on the responsibility of someone's pets.

Hauling Services

People need things hauled to and from their homes, and many don't want to use their own vehicles. It's also possible that the items to be hauled won't fit and requires something much larger for transportation.

For this home-based business, suitable vehicles that are reliable and insured are necessary. The driver doing the hauling must have a clean driving record.

Gardening and Landscaping

Gardening and landscaping is a full-time job that many people do not have time or lack the physical energy to do. This is another home-based business that has continued to increase in popularity in the U.S. and Canada. The job requires knowledge of plants, gardening techniques, the principles of designing a landscape, physical fitness, and the ability to pick up heavy bags of plant food, seed, and fertilizer.

Local Tour Guide

For anyone living in a city that receives substantial tourist traffic, serving as a local tour guide is a potentially viable option. The beauty of this business is that you are not limited to only tours of top attractions. You can include guided nature tours or birdwatching tours, for example. For this business, all you need is an outgoing personality, strong communication skills, excellent physical mobility, and specialized knowledge of your locale.

Used Books

The written word is holding its own. Many online buyers are interested in picking up used books at cheap prices. Use platforms such as eBay and Amazon to sell your products, or research and find dealers who are interested in buying your inventory.


Crafting is a hobby that can quickly turn a profit. Many hand-made crafts are easy to learn, such as scrapbooking and homemade soaps. For a crafting business, you'll need to invest in supplies and build an inventory. Begin your sales campaign by selling to friends and co-workers, registering with a craft show, or investing in a booth at a flea market.


Interior and exterior painters are in demand because this is a time-consuming job that not everyone has the talent nor equipment to do properly. Exterior painters may be a more seasonal position depending on the climate where your business is located. Interior painting can be done any time of year.

Requirements include equipment such as drop sheets, assorted brushes, rollers, buckets, physical capabilities, and painting skills. You may also need a license to do residential and commercial painting in certain areas and to be bonded and insured.

Residential Cleaning Services

Start your own cleaning service for people who don't have the time to clean, those who want to free up more time for themselves, business executives who travel, senior citizens, and anyone else who wants a professional cleaning job for their home. To start, you'll only need a few specialized cleaning products, knowledge of how to use them safely, reliable transportation, and strong scheduling and organizational abilities.

eBay Selling

eBay continues to be the "go to" online site for selling products. If you have an item that is in demand, an eBay business is a solid way to sell it. Setting up an account is easy, and the overall cost of selling on eBay is less expensive and time-consuming than setting up an online store. Requirements are an eBay account, computer, and knowledge of online selling and shipping procedures.

Other Easy Startups to Consider

  • Gutter and siding cleaning
  • Event planner
  • Tutoring
  • Flea market vendor
  • Tax preparation
  • Virtual assistant
  • Social media management
  • Handyman service

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