Delaware SOS Corporation Search

Conducting a Delaware SOS corporation search is an important and necessary step before you submit formation documents for your corporation. The main reason for conducting this search is because you need to find out if the business name you want to use is available for use prior to registering the name.

How to Run a Corporation Search

You can simply visit the Delaware Secretary of State website to run a business name search. The Division of Corporations also offers the ability to search its database by name or file number. After you run your search, you’ll want to carefully look through the results to see if there are any similar or identical names to the one you want to use.

If you do come across some similar names, you can click on the details tab, which will then provide you with additional background information regarding the company. However, you will only see information that was made available to the public by the Delaware Secretary of State. If you want to see additional company information, you will be charged a fee of approximately $10 to $20.

Keep in mind that, for all states in the U.S., the state’s office of the secretary of state is in charge of maintaining the database for all businesses registered in that respective state. You can obtain basic company information regarding all registered entities, as such information is public record. This type of information can be helpful for many people, including business owners, potential vendors, customers, partners, or even competitors. This is important for companies potentially entering into a contract with a corporation. If need be, you can also obtain a Certificate of Good Standing for your own business, which could be requested by a lender.

Why You Should Run a Business Entity Search

You are required to do this before registering your company name with the State. You won’t want to go through the hassle of getting together all of the necessary paperwork, paying a filing fee, and finding out that the business name is already being used.

Some states make it very easy to register your corporation name. For example, you might want to register in a state that provides an online search tool to aid in the business search. For states offering this feature, you can simply conduct a search on the name you want to use. If there are no results, then you can immediately move onto the next step of registering that name online. If you see an identical name identified in your search results, then you will have to think of another business name. Once you run a search that identifies no hits, then you can have your company registered within minutes.

Why to Incorporate in Delaware

There are several reasons to incorporate in Delaware. The most beneficial reason is the tax incentive. In fact, more than one million companies incorporate in Delaware for the following reasons:

• Flexible corporate laws

• Respected judiciary and legal community

• Business-friendly government

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of information will I be able to find after conducting my search?

The information provided to you is in real time. Therefore, when you see a list of names in your search results, this information is up-to-date. The basic information provided for each entity includes the company name, file number, formation date, registered agent name, phone number, and residence.

2. How can I obtain a copy of a business’s good standing?

If you need any type of certificate, including a Certificate of Status, Certified Copy of a filed document, or a Plain Copy of a filed document, you can contact a Delaware agent by either calling the Secretary of State division or reaching out on its website.

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