1. Corporate Name Search
2. Trademark Law
3. Conducting a Name Search
4. Quick Screening Search
5. Hire a Company Name Search Service
6. Fictitious Name Databases

Doing a corporation name search USA is important to see what business names are a possibility. The name you choose can be a major factor in determining the success of your company, and not every business name is created equal. Having the perfect name can make you stand out from the competition while choosing a name that's not a good fit can be a challenge when it comes to marketing and possible litigation.

When doing a search for a business name, look for a name that would fit the kind of business you run. When you decide what name you want, run the search to make sure that no one else has this name. It's essential to fill out the application to register the name before you do anything official, such as commence trade or print stationary.

Trademark Law

In order to not get in trouble, make sure you fully understand the basics of trademark law. This sets the rules that apply to company naming and ensures no two names are too similar. If you decide on a name for your company that's too close to another company's name, you'll be violating their legal rights, known as unfair competition or trademark infringement. You'll need to pick another name and maybe even pay money damages to the company.

The only way to find out if you're violating someone else's trademark rights is by doing proper research on your chosen name.

There's not just one place to look when you're checking to see if any business names are similar or identical. This is mainly due to a company being able to establish a trademark through use, and that is very common. You should use different tactics to search for unregistered and registered trademarks.

When performing a company name search, consider the following:

  • Do an online screening search to get quick results that help you narrow down possible names for your company.
  • Hire a search service to get protection from lawsuits and in-depth answers.
  • Perform a domain search to get the best URL for the company.

If the corporation will conduct business in multiple states, each state will need to be checked to make sure the company has a consistent name everywhere. Avoid searching for words like "etc.," "company," or "the." If you put words like "energy sav" in for "energy saver windows," you'll get more names than what you're looking for.

Before too much money and time are invested in conducting a proper name search, search online and see what you can screen out. Put the name you're considering in a search engine, such as Altavista or Google, and see if anyone else is marketing similar services or products under a similar name.

Hire a Company Name Search Service

Before choosing a name for the company, you should do more research than just an online search to see what names are available. It can cause legal problems if you open up your company and there is another business with that name. Hiring a search service will make sure you're the only one in the state with that name. You can also use these types of services to check any states you plan on expanding to in the future.

Fictitious Name Databases

It's more important to have websites and online branding for most companies than it is to have a physical business. That means it's a smart idea to create a URL that matches your company name exactly as it is. A way to do this is checking the domain name availability before you pick your company name. If you have one or two possible company names, always pick the one that's currently available and immediately register the domain.

When looking for potential corporate names, remember that the kind of business in addition to the proximity of the business matters. For example, if you want to name a restaurant in California Caro's, and you already know that there's a restaurant named Caios, you might run into legal problems. Always look for names that are similar in addition to exact matches.

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