1. What Is Connecticut Business Search?
2. Three Important Things to Remember About Creating Your LLC Name
3. Using the Connecticut Business Entity Database
4. How to Use the Connecticut Business Search to Name Your Company

A Connecticut Business Search, when done using the state's Business Entity Database, is an accurate and straightforward approach to naming your LLC. It can help you to avoid infringing on another company's copyright securities and make sure you have a name that is distinguishable from other Connecticut limited liability companies. 

Perhaps one of the most challenging parts of starting an LLC is coming up with a name for the firm. It requires creativity and a hint of marketing ingenuity to brainstorm and eventually arrive at a name that stands out from the rest. It also takes resourcefulness, which is why doing a business search is a critical part of the process. 

Three Important Things to Remember About Creating Your LLC Name

  • Since a limited liability company is not a corporation, your name cannot use the words "Corporation" or "Incorporated." You are also not allowed to use the abbreviated versions of these two designators ("Corp." or "Incorp.") 
  • You are required to include one of the two abbreviations "L.L.C." or "LLC." You may notice that a majority of companies pick the unpunctuated form, "LLC."   
  • The name you choose has to be unique and considered distinguishable from every other LLC in the state. Hence, performing a Connecticut business search is a practical way to meet this vital requirement for reserving your limited liability company title.

Your LLC must have its own identity. The name you choose gets permanently linked to your products or services. The violation of copyright laws is not a victimless offense. That is why Connecticut places so much importance on the name being distinguishable. 

When consumers confuse businesses, it impacts sales for at least one party and under the right circumstances, could be a detriment to a company's branding and reputation. The name of your LLC should be a unique company title that is safeguarded from copycats, as should the names other entrepreneurs create for their businesses. 

When you are thinking of names, try to avoid using company titles that are too long, oddly spelled, or difficult to spell. You do not want consumers to have trouble relating to your business because of a name too creative or skewed too young or too old. 

Using the Connecticut Business Entity Database

Your LLC deserves to have its own identity. With the government-sponsored Business Entity Database, you can search all registered names to ensure the name you desire is available for use. This resource does not restrict results to only LLCs. It holds records not confined to all LLPs (limited liability partnerships), corporations, LLCs, limited and general partnerships operating in the state. 

How to Use the Connecticut Business Search to Name Your Company

You can access the database by visiting the Secretary of the State website at http://www.concord-sots.ct.gov/CONCORD/online?sn=PublicInquiry&eid=9740. The site allows you to conduct a business search to check name availability in three ways. You can search by the following identifiers:

  • Filing number
  • Company name 
  • Business ID

To search by name, follow these steps once you have navigated to the site:

  1. By default, the company name field is selected when you first land on the page. Type a few words of your desired name. 
  2. There is a drop box for “Number of Records per page.” Choose "100" and then hit "Search." 
  3. If there are no entities found, the empty search results indicate that the name you desire is available. If results get displayed, review the list of all companies shown. You will also be able to view their address, status, and filing number.

If you see any businesses with a name identical to what you want, then you cannot use it. Brainstorm some more and when you come up with another name you like, then repeat the previous steps and recheck the database. Alternatively, if company names should happen to populate from your search, but there is only a thin overlay of similarity, that means the name you are considering is distinguishable, and you should use it. 

If you are not entirely confident that there is distinguishability between your name and others that may appear in the search results, it is acceptable to file for your LLC with the chosen name anyway. If the state discovers that the name is not available for your business, you will be notified, and your filing returned to you.

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