Commercial cleaning contracts can help your janitorial business win clients and maintain a steady source of income. Before you start drafting contracts, consider your target market for your janitorial services. 

For example, some companies focus their services on smaller businesses, so those companies wouldn't spend a lot of time or money to market to larger offices. To determine your target market:

  1. Look at your current customer base.
  2. Take a closer look at some of the accounts that are most profitable.
  3. Take a look  customers who show satisfaction with the services provided by your business.

For first-time janitorial business owners, it's smart to talk to owners of other cleaning businesses that cater to the same target market you want to serve. This step will help you learn what your customers expect from a cleaning services company. You can use this information to develop a strong strategy for marketing to these target customers.

The next step is coming up with a pricing structure that is consistent across the board. Your structure should also outline what specific services will be included in the standard packages and at what price. 

It's important to distinguish your commercial cleaning business from any other company in the area. Your prospective clients should see how your business stands out among other commercial cleaning companies. One way to distinguish your business from others is to offer environmentally friendly or green cleaning practices. In order to offer this type of service, you would need to use cleaning products that are certified for environmental safety.

Online Marketing

According to statistics from The Janitorial Store, most customers will rely on online research for about 57 percent of their decision-making process. They will often browse online before they call and speak to a representative of a company. This statistic makes it clear that every commercial cleaning services business needs a comprehensive and strong online presence as part of their marketing plan. To build a strong marketing strategy:

  • Make sure your online presence offers current and potential customers information that is trustworthy, up to date, and helpful. 
  • Utilize social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram. These make it easier to connect with prospective customers, especially if you're sharing videos, photos, articles, and news about the services you provide. 
  • Be sure to develop a website that includes an FAQ page where potential customers can find answers to their questions and a blog where you can share fresh content with your readers. 

Business owners who aren't as technologically savvy as the competition often feel overwhelmed at the idea of learning the tools they need for online marketing, such as search engine optimization. However, online marketing is a must for any successful business, so don't let the intimidation stop you from learning and improving your skills. You need online marketing skills to appeal to customers, which will allow you to secure commercial contracts and grow your business.

How to Find Office Cleaning Contracts

Along with a strong marketing plan, to find contracts you will need to network with other business owners in your area. Networking is very important to your business plan as doing so will help you to get the word out about your cleaning company and win more contracts. 

Also, make sure to take part in local charitable, social, and business events. Donate to charitable organizations and sponsor their events to gain a better reputation in the community. The ultimate goal of these actions is to put your business in the public eye, which can help potential clients think of your company first when they're in need of commercial cleaning services.

Although networking is critical, it often doesn't yield immediate results. Be patient: it takes time to form, nurture, and build strong relationships with other people in your community. By making networking part of your business plan, you can expose yourself and your company to many other businesspeople throughout the area. It's important to use these opportunities to spread the word about your cleaning business and make sure people know that your company is taking on new clients. Even if someone doesn't need your services, they could know someone else who is looking for a commercial cleaning business.

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