A cleaning services contract agreement is a contract that is created between such parties as an office manager, a homeowner, a realtor, an individual, or a building management company and a person or company that provides cleaning services. The agreement will establish the terms of the agreement, including the expected services and the payments that will be expected for the rendering of the services. This is often a vital document for a cleaning company so that they clearly define what services will be performed in exchange for the payment

A cleaning services contract can be referred to by other names including:

  • A maid service agreement
  • A cleaning services contract
  • A housekeeping agreement
  • A residential cleaning services contract
  • A janitorial services contract

What Can a Cleaning Services Agreement be Used For?

A cleaning services contract can be drafted in many circumstances. Some of the most common situations in which a cleaning service agreement is created for are:

  • When you hire a cleaning service for your home or business.
  • When you are hired as a housekeeper by a business or an individual.

There are many benefits to creating a cleaning services agreement such as:

  • Defining the services that an individual or business can expect to be performed under the scope of the contract. These sections of the contract should be as detailed as possible to avoid disagreements down the road.
  • Defining the specific use of cleaning materials or cleaning techniques. You may have furniture, carpets, or other items in your home that may require specific techniques when cleaning to avoid damaging them. Additionally, you may have a preference to which cleaning materials are used during the process, such as using nonchemical cleaners.
  • To set a schedule for the recurring services such as daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly. The contract may also determine acceptable times of day in which the services can be performed. 
  • To determine which type of payment structure will be used, such as hourly rate, per cleaning rate, or rates for special cleaning projects or additional services. 
  • To define and monetize supplies or special equipment that will be required for the arrangement and which party will be responsible for providing and maintaining the inventory on both.

Whether you are the individual or business that is requesting cleaning services or you are a cleaning professional performing them, a written agreement can set forth the guidelines in which the work will be performed and can prevent common disputes and complications from occurring. Not only will a contract protect both parties, but it will establish a level of professionalism in the relationship.

Information to Include in a Cleaning Services Agreement

While clearly defining the services, materials, equipment, and methods that will be used to perform the services is probably the most vital part of a cleaning services agreement, there is some other necessary information that you will want to be sure to include.

  • Names, addresses, and contact information for both parties signing the agreement.
  • The scope of services which will serve as the meat of your contract.
  • Location information, including where the work will be done and where the materials will be stored.
  • The agreed upon work schedule, including dates and times and what will occur on holidays.
  • The terms for and process that will be required for renewal.
  • The process for termination and any fees or penalties for early termination.
  • The payment details, including information about payment due dates, forms of accepted payment, how services will be billed, and charges for late payments. 
  • How dispute resolution will be handled. This will often include an arbitration clause which will require that both parties agree to solve their dispute through an arbitration process instead of going through the court system as a lawsuit. Arbitration involves both parties presenting evidence in the presence of a third party, known as the arbitrator, who will make a final binding decision on the case from the evidence. This process is often preferred by both parties. Even though arbitration still requires the cost of attorneys, it is significantly less costly than going to court. 
  • A section where both parties will sign and date the agreement, making the agreement binding and putting it into effect on that date.

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