Updated November 17, 2020:

About Cleaning Services Agreements

Other names for a cleaning services contract include:

  • Cleaning services agreement
  • Janitorial services contract
  • Maid service agreement
  • Housekeeping agreement
  • Cleaning services contract
  • Residential cleaning services contract

This type of agreement is usually made between a company or individual that provides cleaning services and a:

  • Homeowner
  • Realtor
  • Office manager
  • Building management company

The conditions and terms of the agreement between the client and the cleaning services provider are established and outlined in the agreement. Janitors and independent cleaners can use contracts to take on new clients and make sure they understand what services are expected during each visit.

Documents that are related to a cleaning services agreement include:

  • A catering services agreement, which is a contract between a client and a caterer to provide food for a single event, such as a wedding or party, or on a regular basis, such as a weekly office lunch.
  • A computer services agreement, which is an agreement between a client and an information technology professional to provide repairs, system upgrades, and installations on computer equipment and software.
  • An independent contractor agreement, which is a contract between a self-employed contractor and a client to outline the terms of a specific service that the contractor will provide to the client.

A cleaning services agreement will help cleaning companies and individuals retain clients and ensure satisfaction. Using an agreement in writing comes with several key benefits:

  • Standardization of client management
  • Creation of binding professional relationships
  • Managing expectations for both parties
  • Defining obligations of the client

Why Do I Need a Cleaning Services Agreement?

If you plan to hire a housekeeper to provide cleaning services at your home, using this type of agreement can communicate what you want to be done during each visit, including the detail and level of service for all tasks outlined. For example, if you have a pet cat or dog in your home who sheds, you might want your housekeeper to vacuum the furniture every week. Someone who doesn't have a pet might only need the furniture vacuumed once a month. Cleaning products of methods could also be outlined for specific furniture items, flooring, or other items within the home.

The agreement could also outline the cleaning schedule, such as weekly or monthly. You might also use a contract for a single event, such as a deep spring cleaning or carpet cleaning service. Most professional cleaning companies charge hourly for their services, so the client should outline the tasks that are most important to accomplish during the set period of cleaning time. Certain situations might require strict time constraints, such as a cleaning service that will take place on the day the client's lease ends or the house is being sold. Having the terms of an agreement in writing can help keep all parties on the same page and plan their schedules accordingly.

Small business owners often use professional janitorial services to clean the workplace after business hours. Tasks might include cleaning and disinfecting the restrooms or collecting and disposing of all trash. A freelance janitor or maid could use a cleaning services contract to maintain business records and manage clients. When you provide a legal document that has been drafted properly, prospective clients are more assured that your business is legitimate, professional, and able to handle the work. You can also use the contract to protect yourself if a legal dispute arises over payment of the service.

Some of the common pitfalls in the cleaning industry can be eliminated by using a cleaning contract. These pitfalls include:

  • Payment arrangements and due dates
  • What cleaning services should be completed
  • Schedule for cleaning services

What Information is Included in a Cleaning Services Agreement?

Some of the information that should always be included in a cleaning services agreement includes:

  • Regularity of the cleaning service (one-time service versus on a schedule)
  • Who provides the cleaning equipment (products, rags, etc.)
  • Time and location for cleaning services to be provided
  • Payment information (hourly vs. flat-rate, any required deposit, due date)
  • Cleaning service and client contact information

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