1. Developing a Marketing Strategy
2. Setting Prices
3. Cleaning Details
4. Marketing Strategies

Landing cleaning contracts is important for cleaning business owners who want to grow their client base. You may have to use traditional marketing methods alongside modern ones, such as online outreach. Most cleaning contracts cover commercial cleaning services for office spaces, but housecleaning services may use these agreements, too.

Developing a Marketing Strategy

It's important to identify your target market before you can sell janitorial services effectively. For instance, if you want to focus on small businesses, it doesn't make sense to market heavily to large office facilities.

To land office cleaning contracts involves a systematic approach combining online marketing with more traditional strategies. It can be challenging to land a contract, but the payoff can be substantial. You'll have the opportunity to grow your business and attract and retain more clients.

Look at your existing customer base to focus on the most profitable accounts. You should also consider clients who frequently give referrals or show they're satisfied with your work. If you're just starting out, talk to professionals in your industry to find out what customers want.

Develop a consistent pricing strategy and decide which services you'll offer in standard packages.

Look for ways to make your business stand out to potential clients. For example, you might take an environmentally friendly approach to cleaning. This could involve using cleaning supplies certified as green or safe for the planet.

Setting Prices

You must know your market because the average price for office cleaning varies considerably depending on location. A good price range to start with is generally between eight and 10 cents per square foot.

Prices can fluctuate based on specific cleaning tasks, frequency of cleaning, and the building being cleaned. You may have to see what other cleaning companies in your area charge to understand the price range you should be in.

You might want to call on companies just outside of your area so that you're not calling direct competitors. Company owners who aren't directly competing with you are more likely to talk about various business strategies, including bidding and pricing.

Review the numbers and information you've gathered. Provide a bid to a business based on the square footage in the building.

Cleaning Details

Start by planning for a minimum of one hour cleaning time per worker for 1,000 square feet. The more frequently a space is cleaned, the less time it takes, so you should offer lower prices for regular cleaning. You might also want to give discounts for large buildings since your total profit will be bigger.

Consider other factors that will impact how much time it takes to complete a job, and give a detailed estimate to prospective clients. This should detail the following: 

  • Cleaning tasks to be done 
  • Frequency of cleaning tasks 
  • Price for each task

Include special requirements or notes as well. Don't try to offer the lowest bid; remember, you're trying to make a profit, too. Sell the company on the worth of your business by conveying a professional image, offering prompt attention, and providing impeccable references.

Marketing Strategies

You can't expect customers to come find you. Instead, be proactive and promote your services. Try to include some of the following marketing strategies:

  • Consider advertising your services on menu place mats. People dining at casual food establishments often look over disposable mats on their table while waiting to eat.
  • It can be profitable to engage in the traditional strategy of cold-calling. You'll need to be able to handle rejection, so this isn't the best tactic for everyone.
  • Free classified ads, such as Craigslist, are ideal because they cater to regional clients. You have nothing to lose advertising this way, except the few minutes it takes to post an ad. Still, it's worth taking your time to craft a typo-free notice. Including photos of your business and/or staff will make it more memorable.
  • You might even consider church bulletins if you can negotiate a reasonable price. If the church has a large congregation and/or a reputation for supporting advertisers, it's worth looking into.

For new business owners, getting contracts can be the hardest part of gaining momentum due to the amount of competition. However, using effective strategies and paying attention to what works in your particular region can go a long way toward building a successful business.

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