1. Business Name in Maryland: Introduction
2. How to File a DBA in Maryland
3. Changing a Business Name for an EIN
4. Changing the Business Name of an LLC
5. Maryland Company Name Reservation

Filing for a change business name Maryland happens when the company owners want to change the name of their business from the original one used to form the company. They have to register the second name. For partnerships and sole proprietorships, the original name is the owner's or partner's name.

Business Name in Maryland: Introduction

The second name won't replace the original but is an extra name for the business. It's known as a trade name or assumed name. This process for filing the second name is called the DBA (Do Business As) registration. In Maryland, a local entity has to record its name by filing with the State of Maryland's Department of Taxation and Assessment.

Those businesses not within Maryland can file for a second name and file a DBA if they want to operate within Maryland but their name is not available. In Maryland, no two names can be alike in business.

How to File a DBA in Maryland

  • It's a good choice to go through a Business Entity Search in the Department of Assessments & Taxation and make sure the name you want isn't already registered. You can also head to the U.S. Patent Office's website for any trademark issues.
  • Make sure to read every word of your application form and understand what it means. This is especially true if you don't have a lawyer or aren't using a DBA service.
  • Make sure to get the application notarized by someone. Filing in Maryland can be done by mail, fax, or in person through an agency.
  • The regular filing fee is $25; there's an extra $50 for expedited processing. The fee should be addressed to the Department of Assessments and Taxation. Once there's a confirmation, you're the owner of a Maryland DBA.

Changing a Business Name for an EIN

When you change a business name, it's going to cost. You have to check trademarks and other business names to make sure there's no confusion or legal problems in the future. You also have to notify the secretary of state to update business licenses.

You have to get a new EIN if the business structure changes. For instance, if a sole proprietor wants to add a partner or the business changes to a corporation, you will need a new EIN.

Changing the Business Name of an LLC

  • If your LLC isn't in many states then changing its name should be an easy process. You should consider if changing the LLC name is necessary or if you can continue by filing for a DBA.
  • If a DBA won't work and you want to change the name then first check your LLCs operating agreement to see what kind of vote is needed to change. If there's no operating agreement then you have to get the consent of all the members.
  • You have to file an amendment of articles within 30 days of writing and approving the change.
  • You should notify the bank, local business authorities, and customers of your name change. The IRS should also be notified, which can be done on the tax return or with a written letter.

Maryland Company Name Reservation

By going through a Maryland company name reservation, you can protect a business name and have exclusive rights over it while doing business in the state.

The name cannot be similar to any other business name used in Maryland. If your name is similar to another business in the same state, it will not get approved.

Here are some things to keep in mind when starting a Maryland company name:

  • Your company name has to have English letters and/or numbers or Roman numerals.
  • The punctuation doesn't differentiate the business name in Maryland.
  • Plural forms of the same word doesn't make the name different from another.
  • Any deviator or derivative of the same work doesn't make the company name different from another.
  • If the only difference is an abbreviation, then the company name is not different from the rest.
  • If the phonetic spelling of the same word is the only difference, this also does not make it different from another company name.
  • The person who gains exclusive rights is the only one who can use that company name.

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