A CA SOS LLC stands for California secretary of state limited liability company, and you’ll file your LLC at the SOS office.

The SOS office can also help you changed your article of formation in California when you file an official amendment form. All checks need to be issued to the SOS. Be sure to include the fee if you do not intend to submit the documents in person.

Just submit a restated organization application with a $30 registration fee to the SOS in person or via mail. You may change the following aspects of your LLC:

  • Change an LLC name
  • Change if the LLC would be manager-managed or member-managed
  • Change certain items on the articles form

You can search for your entity number via the SOS website. It is a seven-digit number that you’re looking for, and you can search here. You may also call the SOS office to find out the number over the phone.

Statement of Information

When it comes to the right document, you’ll be looking for Form LLC-12, which is the SOI form. Such a document is an annual report that state authorities mandate all LLCs to register every two years. Certain states also call this a biennial report. It is a document that maintains current information or notifies state authorities of changes to an LLC.

Name Change Process

To change the LLC name, you need a $30 registration fee. Expedited processing includes a $15 handling fee regarding in-person registration. Moreover, you must pay a $350 fee if you want 24-hour processing, including a same-day filing fee of $750. Normal processing takes up to two months. You may also refer to the SOS website for current processing times.

For same-day processing, the documents must be turned in by around 9 a.m. to get an official reply by late afternoon. If you hand in copies with an amendment certificate, officials will send it back stamped to your listed address on the document for no charge. For more than two copies, you may send additional certificate copies with an $8 fee for each added copy.

You may send the amendment request to the following address:

  • California Secretary of State Document Filing Support Unit, P.O. Box 944228, Sacramento, CA 94244-2300

Here is the physical address if you wish to deliver in person: 1500 11th Street, 3rd Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814.

To change a manager-managed or member-managed LLC, send an SOI document. If such changes take place between biennial forms, you can file an amendment statement to the previous filed document. You do not have to pay an amendment fee if you submit the document beyond the reporting timeframe. Also, you should know that you cannot change registered agents in the state on an LLC amendment certificate application. You would need to submit a complete SOI document to the SOS either in person or through the mail.

Filing Fee

A filing fee regarding a biennial SOI would be $20. If you choose to submit an information statement to amend information, and if it’s beyond the filing timeframe, you don’t have to pay a fee.

In addition, you would not use an SOI application to amend an LLC office address. If a change take place between the biennial documents, you may file an information statement to change a previous filed document. Also, you don’t have to pay a fee to submit the amended statement.


To cancel or withdraw foreign LLCs, you need to submit the necessary document with the SOS office.

You must include the following attributes:

  • A self-addressed envelope that’s stamped
  • Letter with the entity name, sender name, address, phone number, and entity number.

You may get a withdrawal/cancellation document from the SOS office, and it may be submitted online. You may also write on the forms using black or blue ink. Ensure that the checks are payable to the SOS office. The precise document to complete is called LLC-4/7 if you wish to cancel or withdraw a foreign LLC in California. Also, you must have an LLC cancelation certificate completed and submitted to the SOS via mail or in person.

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