We’ve polished our cowboy boots, brushed up on Keith Urban lyrics, and bulked up on our BBQ. Yep, we’re ready to launch in the yippee ki yay state of Texas and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve been testing out the markets in Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston and we’ve quickly come to realize that our partnership with these outstanding attorneys is something quite special. 

UpCounsel already works with thousands of businesses from California to New York and we’ll now be able to meet the legal needs of small to mid-size businesses and entrepreneurs in the above markets in Texas. We have worked in numerous industries such as technology, real estate, financial services, and manufacturing and we possess the experience and expertise to address the spectrum of business legal issues.

“We knew the next step for UpCounsel was to launch in Texas,” said Matthew Faustman, CEO of UpCounsel. “We pick states and cities with booming tech and business communities and Texas is the perfect example of that.”

In preparation to enter this new market, UpCounsel offered a beta version of its services to Texas businesses over the past three months. There are currently 30 lawyers in Texas actively participating in the beta program, and an additional 300 lawyers who have recently joined UpCounsel. Just by signing up, UpCounsel offers free tools for lawyers to grow their practice, get paid faster and eliminate administration headaches.

“UpCounsel was able to give me a sense of relief by handling all of the administration side of the engagement so I could focus on my practice and my clients, “said Brian Mikulencak, an Austin based attorney who utilizes UpCounsel. “We’ve seen tremendous growth and client retention since we’ve used UpCounsel a few months ago.”

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all of our Texas lawyers for working with us during our beta — your talent and knowledge will undoubtedly be great assets to our shared clients as we move forward. We’re very happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed using our free tools to manage client invoicing, documents, and more, to growing your practice with new clients more efficiently than ever before. For the those attorneys who have signed up, we’re working as fast as we can to process your applications and are excited for you to join our amazing team.

We are also thrilled to be working with local businesses and entrepreneurs in the area. By having access to great legal services at your fingertips whenever and how often you need them, legal doesn’t have to be a burden on your time and bank account. Furthermore, we want you to succeed; we can provide you with the legal expertise to protect and advance your business. You don’t have to do it alone!

We want to help all you Texans celebrate with us – Here is $100 to spend on any legal job you book over UpCounsel (just use this promo code: TX2015). If you know other businesses in Texas who might appreciate this – please share this with them too!

Next up . . . Illinois!

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