Entrepreneurs all over the world have much to say about what it takes to build a great company. One key is obsessing over your customers and their experience. We spend a great deal of time doing this at UpCounsel. In a services marketplace, attention to the service-side community is paramount.

We are always thinking about ways to improve the attorney-client relationship by empowering our lawyer community. Through this focus, attorneys spend less time with the administrative portion of managing their practice (invoicing, billing, communications), they can spend more time engaging clients, being responsive and providing top-notch legal services.

Which is why today I’m excited to announce a number of updates focused on our attorney community that continue to make their practice easier and more efficient.

Revamped Attorney Dashboard

Our attorney dashboard has been redesigned to emphasize important information first. It includes a small metrics section that highlights your UpCounsel income, outstanding invoices, clients and prospective jobs that match your preferences.

It also includes a new Notifications section, which lists out important events that have recently occurred. Things like receiving payments, awarded proposals, and new messages are include here.



Attorney Job portal

Recently, we also launched our brand new job portal. This simplified interface allows attorneys to review the important parts of a client’s request, as well as submit a proposal and manage communications effortlessly.

As you can see in the screenshot below, this portal features 4 tabs to easily find and manage UpCounsel clients: Job Info, Proposal, Messages and Invoice.


Direct Invoicing tools

Last but certainly not least, is our invoicing tool which we announced in late February. This tool allows you to use the UpCounsel invoicing and payment system to invoice all your clients, even those you didn’t meet on UpCounsel. The process is easy: 1) add your client, 2) create and send your invoice, and 3) receive next-day deposits once your client makes payment.

We’ve seen incredible adoption of this tool, as it has shown that attorney get paid 47% faster than usual!

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Mason Blake

Mason Blake

Mason is the co-founder of UpCounsel. Mason is an experienced technologist and excited about the future of employment. He is responsible for all product, engineering, data and technology teams at UpCounsel. Before founding UpCounsel, Mason served as the lead engineer for several startups throughout his 15+ year career and then went on to form his own consulting company.

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